CSM Calls Trump

He may be behind in the polls. He may have a red squirrel residing on his head. He may indeed be the “Octopus” that many women have called him. Who knows?

But the reality is that Hillary Clinton – forget that she’s a woman – is a dreadful candidate and she sits on a dark sewer of rumour and scandal that the Great American people will surely smell and reject.

Country Squire Magazine calls for Trump.

When we wake up tomorrow morning let us see if we are right or wrong.

It will be a close election. We may end up with egg on our faces. Who knows?

But we are predicting President Donald Trump.

If so, Dear Readers, you heard it here first!

2 thoughts on “CSM Calls Trump

  1. Good call. I was convinced Killary was going to win. Didn’t bother staying up. Pleasant surprise in the morning. He’ll be good for the US. Like Reagan. Trump = Reagan, May = Thatcher. I hope!

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