Brits’ Satisfying Soros Payback

BY JAMIE FOSTER George Soros, the Hungarian-American Billionaire investor has caused yet more furore as it has emerged that he has invested a further £100,000 in an anti Brexit organisation, Better for Britain, bringing the total invested by him up to £500,000. The main argument that Soros faces is that, as a foreigner, he is trying to interfere in British politics. Nick Timothy, in his … Continue reading Brits’ Satisfying Soros Payback

University Greed

BY JAMIE FOSTER A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that top universities are using wealth screening organisations to spy on their alumni to discover if they are likely to make donations. Millions of graduates have had their details passed to such organisations. If their consent wasn’t obtained to do this, then the universities may have broken the law. A number of charities were fined last … Continue reading University Greed

Is Simon Brodkin Funny?

BY JAMIE FOSTER Theresa May’s conference speech raised an important question this year. Is Simon Brodkin funny? The prankster, also known as Lee Nelson, (the persona he adopts for television), offered her a P45 from Boris during the speech. It was, at best, a weak joke, reliant upon the embarrassment it caused for its humour.  Brodkin has staged a number of such high-profile stunts. He … Continue reading Is Simon Brodkin Funny?

The Judgment – Time to Crow or Wait for Doves?

BY JAMIE FOSTER The Supreme Court has issued its judgment – 8-3 – in favour of MPs being given the opportunity to vote on triggering Art 50. While I have the greatest respect for our independent judiciary, and while I have yet to read the judgment, it fascinates me to imagine that it could in anyway put the genie back in the bottle. As many of … Continue reading The Judgment – Time to Crow or Wait for Doves?

Post Christmas Greens and Blues

BY JAMIE FOSTER Many friends have given me extraordinary advice in my life. None more so as individuals than all of them collectively (although special mention and thanks must go to G and K; and C and L). My special skill to date has been ignoring it. Something has changed; the boy-man has evolved a tiny, incremental and hardly noticeable amount. Instead of apologising and … Continue reading Post Christmas Greens and Blues

The Trial of Anthony Blair

BY JAMIE FOSTER Today I heard the news that the Commons had rejected the SNP’s kind offer to hold yet another inquiry into whether Tony Blair misled parliament in the run up to the war in Iraq. I congratulate the Commons on rejecting this idea. To get to the bottom of that question with any degree of accuracy would require us to bankrupt the country. … Continue reading The Trial of Anthony Blair

Countryside Conceptions

BY JAMIE FOSTER I must be straight with you, Dear Reader. I’ve been receiving a little behind the scenes coaching from a proper chronicler of man’s humanity, who has pointed out to me, in no uncertain terms, that my current lyricism, brought on as it has been by the Winter-flu, is at the cost of my journalism, and not a reflection of my true self. … Continue reading Countryside Conceptions

50 Articles of Faith

BY JAMIE FOSTER We have reached a moment in history where it remains a mystery whether going to extremes is a voluntary action or an inevitable, equal and opposite reaction. It would appear clear that when the waves are crashing under our feet the best we can do is have faith in the Captain and the Boson. If one can’t tell one’s sparrows from one’s … Continue reading 50 Articles of Faith

Laughter & Forgetting

BY JAMIE FOSTER There was always a danger when our highest court was called Supreme a time would come when we would have to discover whether a court can be both supreme and independent. A group of parliamentarians is currently lobbying the government to put off that moment and not to appeal a high court’s view, presumably in case a higher court takes a decision … Continue reading Laughter & Forgetting