Brits’ Satisfying Soros Payback


George Soros, the Hungarian-American Billionaire investor has caused yet more furore as it has emerged that he has invested a further £100,000 in an anti Brexit organisation, Better for Britain, bringing the total invested by him up to £500,000.

The main argument that Soros faces is that, as a foreigner, he is trying to interfere in British politics. Nick Timothy, in his Telegraph column, suggested that the group is trying to bring down the May government by appealing to Tory Remainer MPs to vote against the deal that Theresa May makes with the EU.  The Better for Britain campaign wants the result of the referendum to be overturned and for Britain to remain in the EU.

It is unsurprising that tempers are high when the whole point of Brexit was to regain control of our own affairs. The ugly spectre of a wealthy foreign man using his huge resources to try to stop us from taking back control will always stir up passions. However it is hard not to think that this attempt by Soros to interfere in British politics is doomed to failure. The idea that Tory MPs are likely to be persuaded to vote down a deal, and ultimately the government, is poppycock.

Tory MPs are not likely to allow a Corbyn government in by the backdoor in order to try to keep us in the EU. It shows how desperate the Remainers are that they would try such an outrageous tactic. The idea that throwing huge amounts of money at this will achieve the end they want is for the birds.

However galling it might be that Soros would try to use his wealth in this way, the test for the deal that Mrs May and her team achieves will be how good it is, not how much of Soros’ money has been thrown at it. It is hard to see how someone with Soros’ once sharp acumen could think this attempt to derail Brexit stands any chance of success. It would require Tory MPs to put remaining in the EU above the interests of both party and country. Even those on the extreme like Anna Soubry would be hard pushed to go along with a plan like this.

This is not to say that we should not be concerned about Soros’ desire to interfere or that we should underestimate Remainers and their determination to stay in the EU at all costs. There are clearly those out there who would do anything to stand in the way of the democratic will of the British public. What is fascinating is that, given these people come from the wealthy elite, they are so ineffective at achieving their ends. They have access to large amounts of cash but have nothing useful to spend it on. A recent supper at George Soros’ house was a washout. The Tory guests did not flock to the cunning scheme Soros was promoting. Clearly Soros’ research was awry.

There is a feeling of inevitability about Brexit. The British public voted conclusively for it and have not changed our minds despite what those last ardent Remainers say. The EU have not endeared themselves with their negotiating position and haven’t made anyone feel we would be better off sticking with them. Our economy hasn’t fallen off the cliff we were warned about if we voted to leave. Most MPs have sniffed the wind and recognised that we are leaving the EU and that is the way their voters see things. Hard core Remainers have lost the argument. It is as simple as that. While the rest of us are looking forward to an independent future, they remain stuck in the past we are leaving behind.

So in the end Mr Soros can pour his money into the Remainers’ latest cunning plan but it will be to no avail, just as his recent backing of Hillary Clinton bit the dust. There is no way, given his record in this country, Soros will be able to persuade enough Tory MPs with their long memories to vote against the British Government and bring it down. It is a non starter. Mrs May still has a great deal of work to achieve a great deal but she needn’t worry that it will be voted down on a whim. The Remainers will be foiled again. It is a matter of common sense.