Woke is a Joke

BY DANIEL JUPP The reason why it is pointless for someone such as I to engage in debate with a woke person is because I am already defined as guilty by their worldview, and as a person to be dismissed without listening to. I am to be met with laughter. All of my views are to be met with laughter. If I advance my views … Continue reading Woke is a Joke

We Can’t Win Without a Name

BY KEER LONSDALE Here’s a fact for you. It is impossible to win a debate against a woke person. Not, of course, because they have the better arguments: woke people believe stuff that is indefensible tosh, all sane people know that. No, you won’t win because the woke person will immediately question your ethical motives and, from that point on, you won’t have a leg … Continue reading We Can’t Win Without a Name