I’m Alright Jack

BY QUENTIN PIGG Why are those who claim to speak for the working class so troubled by a working-class man speaking for himself? For making the not unreasonable suggestion that foodbank users might benefit from education on how to cook meals on a budget, the Conservative MP Lee Anderson has been met with a series of furious charges: he is ‘uncaring’, ‘out of touch’, and … Continue reading I’m Alright Jack

Working Class Liaison Officer

BY BEN PENSANT As both a northerner and a former student I know what it’s like to be the smartest person in the room and the only one to have been locked in the shed on his sixth birthday. While the first scenario would occur every time I returned home and listened to my Woodpecker-addled family’s inane chit-chat about buses, the latter memory would often … Continue reading Working Class Liaison Officer