A Free Speech Decree for Universities

BY STEPHEN PAX LEONARD A decree to stop political discrimination in our universities: British universities are in crisis. We have all heard these words being uttered the last few months as the worst epidemic for a century swept across the land. We have all read about how the loss of foreign students will skew university balance sheets and furrow Vice Chancellors’ brows. But where universities … Continue reading A Free Speech Decree for Universities

Why the Wildness Obsession?

BY BEN EAGLE In 2007 Granta published Robert Macfarlane’s The Wild Places, a beautifully evocative exploration of remote spots across the British Isles. Macfarlane is one of my favourite nature writers and he is a genius so far as storytelling goes. When I read his work I am transported away from present reality in all the ways that one should be when it comes to … Continue reading Why the Wildness Obsession?