Silencing the Piper

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I normally get a short back and sides from the Turkish barbers. They are a sociable bunch, good value and their treacly coffee ensures you depart on a high – even if you’re an eyebrow short. However, this week I gave a local salon a crack at cutting my hair as I happened to be passing and there was no queue. The … Continue reading Silencing the Piper

Real Brexit Yoof Unheard

BY SAM HOOPER Nobody represents the post-referendum pro-EU “youthquake” – or at least the mainstream media’s determination to see and portray the uniform attitude of young people towards Brexit – better than Madeleina Kay, also known as “EU Supergirl”. Kay describes herself as an “artist, writer, musician and social activist from Sheffield”, but the vast bulk of her activism began after the EU referendum and focuses … Continue reading Real Brexit Yoof Unheard