We Are All Ears

First, can we at Country Squire Magazine send out a huge thank-you to our readers for what has been a spectacular and remarkable launch.

We sat there on Tuesday and stared at each other in amazement as we hit quadruple viewing figures by lunchtime. Really, that is quite something from a standing start. We did not know what to expect but we have not stopped smiling since.

Second, can we say that this is Your magazine. We really want to hear from You what You want to read about. What issues do You want us to bring up? Do You want us to cover any specific campaigns? How can we be useful to You in getting the message to Government and the townies, who alas outnumber us by 4:1 in Britain, about any particular subject or cause?

That is why we are here. For You.

We have been delighted to hear from some of you already. Subjects like rights of way, fat buses, disappearing post offices, litter – even cattle sperm banks – have been brought up. We shall endeavour to cover these issues as the weeks unfold.

We’re certainly keeping an eye on what’s happening with regards to Brexit and agriculture; also fishing and other topics which affect the countryside. Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom confirmed the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will likely be banning microbeads by the end of next year, which is certainly something we are keeping an eye on.

But please – let us know what you’d like covered.

Or if you feel really passionate about a particular subject then write about it yourself and send us the copy through the contact us page or by email and we will certainly consider publishing all articles we receive (please, no longer than 1000 words and the closer to 500 words the better!)

So, again, THANKS!

We do hope you continue to enjoy our offering.

We’re hoping to cover something about the countryside each day alongside current affairs, opinion and a whole myriad of other topics we hope you’ll enjoy reading about.

Do let us know how you feel about the magazine and we welcome all suggestions for tweaks and improvements always. Your feedback is vital for us.


7 thoughts on “We Are All Ears

  1. Dear Giles, we did consider this but on consultation women were happy to read and contribute to Country Squire Magazine. We considered Country Squire Person also but we decided that was 1) naff 2) PC (which we have little time for) and 3) too long a URL. All the best.

  2. In the interests of gender balance and inclusivity could I suggest a Country Squiress sister publication?

  3. We have on the left, Corbyn and co, who want some kind of disruptive socialist agenda, going back to some industrial heavy industry fantasy. On the right we have the brexit crew who want to go back to the days of tariff wars, gunship diplomacy and the East India Trading Company. These sides are very successfully raising support for their own brand of radical disruption. What we lack is a boring middle ground, where politicians get out of the way, don’t break things and provide the infrastructure for a society to function. It is massively unpopular in politics to be dull and competent, and this is becoming a serious problem here and in the USA.

  4. My thoughts are that its aimed purely at Right Wing readership n for “Country” genre…not much re kids or women?

  5. Lack of police in rural areas is a big worry, dog and other animal theft, the NHS, Brexit effects on us all, store closures (B&Q seems to be closing stores?), rights of way, certainly. Thanks.

  6. The site looks wonderful. It’s early days but it would be good to see you running some campaigns as you certainly have the explosive writing power to get the message across!
    There are lots of worries locally about expanding caravan parks in places of natural beauty, travellers, poor roads, bridge repairs, the ridiculous hunting ban, Brexit, lack of gyms, pub closures, dog poop bags getting dumped. I can think of many more issues.
    Good luck with the magazine!

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