What Drives Corbyn’s Young Lemmings?

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN When Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn holds his rallies, he not only entices the old, battered diehards of Britain’s far-left – those from Militant to the Socialist Workers Party to Left Unity – he also attracts considerable numbers of youthful political virgins, who have never joined a political party before. I have concluded that these people are wandering inadvertently into socialism; swallowing assumptions … Continue reading What Drives Corbyn’s Young Lemmings?

Countryside Big Cats – Fact or Fiction?

BY JIM BROWNE I have always wondered if sightings of Big Cats in the countryside were real or the result of excitable folk in need of an optician’s appointment mistaking house-moggies for tigers and leopards. I mean, it’s easy enough to make mistakes. On a foggy day, our neighbour in her furry white coat looks like a polar bear. At night, I often mistake the … Continue reading Countryside Big Cats – Fact or Fiction?

Article 50 Challenge – A Fund Manager’s Revenge

BY JAMIE FOSTER Today the High Court handed down its judgment in a challenge to the Government’s right to trigger Article 50 brought by investment manager Gina Miller (pictured). In a case that harks back to the days when powerful nobles used the courts to decide the fates of the people beneath them, Mrs Miller used part of her considerable fortune to challenge the deal … Continue reading Article 50 Challenge – A Fund Manager’s Revenge

Country Squire Magazine Launches

BY JAMIE FOSTER Welcome to Country Squire Magazine, Dear Reader. Our magazine launches today amidst great fanfare. Rural dwellers across these sceptred isles, please raise a glass. This is your new platform which we hope will inform, inspire and entertain you for years to come. Unlike our more established rivals, popping corks at the metropolitan offices of The Field, Countryfile Magazine or Countrylife, we do … Continue reading Country Squire Magazine Launches

SEO Terrorism

By ALEXIA JAMES Type the following individual search terms into Google: Nadine Dorries, @nadinedorriesmp, Dennis Rice, Dominic Wightman. You’ll notice certain websites and blogs crop up regularly. These results have 3 things in common – they are created by trolls, portray a very negative message & they have been heavily search engine optimized so negatives always trump any positive results linked to those keywords. Take the one … Continue reading SEO Terrorism

Gotta Love Prince Philip

By ALEXIA JAMES A month before its premiere and The Crown is already this autumn’s must-see television drama. The ambitious £100million series charts the entire life of the Queen, from childhood to the present day. However, viewers expecting a polite look at Britain’s longest-serving monarch are likely to be shocked – passionate kisses, expletive-ridden dialogue and even a bare royal bottom are all packed into the … Continue reading Gotta Love Prince Philip