The Attraction of ‘Demagogues’


Whatever the outcome of Brexit, I’ve learned one thing…being enlightened involves Memes, LOTS of Memes!


The recent court case might derail the Brexit process or it might delay it. The case has highlighted a lot of divides. Many in the Remain Camp feel that their opinion doesn’t matter, they’re being forced into something they don’t want to do and they are being made to deal with a situation out of their control.

Well, surprise surprise! Now they’ve had an insight into being in the Leave Camp for all these years, maybe some consideration earlier on might have prevented this but we’ll never know now.

There’s currently an attempt by some in the Remain Camp to take legal action over lies told by the Leave Camp.  That’s fine by me if those who voted Leave get to do the same to the Remain Camp.  I mean, great dollops of horse manure were spread on both sides but to sit there and pretend your side were above reproach is not only laughable but dishonest as well.

Personally, I voted Leave. My decision was made up about eighteen months before the referendum date.  If you had to rely on the BBC, The Guardian and a bunch of politicians without doing your own research then quite frankly you have no one to blame but yourself.  I chose to sit and watch what was going on and do my own research because I knew we wouldn’t get to the truth otherwise.

I have to laugh today as people that spend all year telling us how dishonest politicians are suddenly believe a group on their side along with some minor-league celebrities. I mean really?

The Remain Camp blame the Leave Camp and the Leave Camp say “that wasn’t anything to do with us”, the Remain Camp say “not good enough, you voted Leave”. Then the Leave Camp say “what about this…”, the Remain Camp say “nothing to do with us, we don’t debate with Brexiters” in a disgusted tone and the Leave Camp say “not good enough, you voted Remain”….yet somehow one side is better than the other?

We’re adults. If you must be spoon-fed information then maybe being an adult isn’t for you.  Think for yourself. And if you do think that Brexit was just a bunch of Xenophobic racists you should probably acquaint yourselves with the EU you claim to love so much and you might realise our country isn’t the only one with growing numbers of angry, disengaged citizens.

Not all of them are right wingers either. Take Jeremy Corbyn for example, an avid Pro-Brexiter before winning the Labour Leadership election (again). Even some of those closest to him believe he voted for Brexit. It is possibly the only thing I have ever – will ever – agree with him on.

I find a similar set of events with Trump and Clinton supporters, both candidates are as bad as each other and I have the same attitude towards people who throw their support behind either one to be honest.

Everything you can level at Trump you can level at Clinton.  I see the attraction to Trump for many as I can see why Farage is popular with many here.

These alleged demagogues talk to the grass roots, they target the ones who feel like strangers in their own countries; people who are tired of being branded a racist or a bigot just because they don’t think or feel the same way.

I’m inclined to believe Trump will win because I don’t think you can underestimate working class voters who will be bothered to turn out now.  We did in this country, when “enlightened” Remain voters talk about the Leave voters being bigoted and racist, they inevitably reduced them to being EDL or UKIP supporters whilst ignoring the fact a lot started off voting Labour (back in the day when it still represented the working class) and it’s for this reason that the likes of Hollande and Merkel will struggle in their respective General Elections next year.

Marie Le Penn (and Marion pictured) has been working hard to secure the gay vote in France, gay voters won’t openly admit to it but she’s made the effort to reach out to them, to address their concerns about their safety and their place in French society.  I’ve spent the last few years on Social Media battling EDL, UKIP and Left Wingers. All have their own bigotries and assumptions about you so no side is perfect.

At the moment, conservatives have seen a resurgence and will continue to, as progressives exclude more and more people from their agendas and turn in on themselves.   The progressives would do well to recognise, the more people you push away and abuse the fewer people you have to support your causes and vote for you. A non-vote doesn’t necessarily mean they’re voting for you either.

2 thoughts on “The Attraction of ‘Demagogues’

  1. “Remain voters talk about the Leave voters being bigoted and racist, they inevitably reduced them to being EDL or UKIP supporters whilst ignoring the fact a lot started off voting Labour” This is too true. How do Remain voters justify some of Britain’s mega brains voting Leave?

  2. When a political class fails what do you expect? Of course people will turn to demagogues. Typical. We end up with Farage with his smoky yellow teeth. the French get to look at Marion Le Pen.

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