Thanks, Dear Readers


When we came up with the idea of Country Squire Magazine, someone asked what the expected audience might be.

Someone in the room was cautious and hoped that maybe we could get five hundred users per day.

There was someone a bit braver who mentioned one thousand was possible.

“Noooo!” shouted a perennial optimist at the back of the room, “we’ll fill a football stadium every month”.

“Yeah, Plymouth Argyle’s if we’re lucky,” retorted the cautious one.

It is now three weeks since we launched the magazine.

We just filled Anfield.

We’re on the way to filling Old Trafford by the end of our first month.

So, thank you, Dear Readers!

We really appreciate the views, the feedback and the moral support. It’s been hard work but we genuinely feel we are on the way to building a useful platform here for the Countryside.

Since this is Your Magazine, we now want to ask You a question.

What campaigns should we be pursuing on our pages? What issues would You like us to highlight so we can help usher in change?

You may have an issue as small as fat buses in country lanes or an issue as big as agricultural subsidy.

Please, let us know whatever your issue might be.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Dear Readers

  1. Congratulations on your magazine launch. I wish you much success.
    I’m wondering if you might be interested in future articles having Thailand as a location. So many British travelers visit the country yearly, and perhaps your readers might be interested in reading articles from “The Land of Smiles.”
    Mike Sullivan

  2. Congratulations. Well-deserved.
    You should look at covering rural homelessness as one of your campaigns.

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