How to Be a Country Lady


Having already written about “How To Be A Country Gentleman” for Country Squire Magazine, it seems only right that I should do the same for women.

Surfing the fourth (?) wave of feminism, this is a topic fraught with riptides, which is why my intention is to avoid old tropes.

So here goes:

  1. A lady is nice. Not a pushover, not saccharine, not the personification of a vapid Disney princess, just nice. By which I mean is polite, has good manners, and treats other people the way she would like to be treated.
  1. Unless the other person is actually horrible. The days of standing for harassment are long over, and the time is here for women to stand up for themselves (and for others), without stooping to the lows of perpetrators.
  1. She brushes her teeth twice a day.
  1. She offers to split the bill, sometimes pays for it, and sometimes lets someone else pay. She does not expect the tab to always be picked up by her date.
  1. She can shoot, pluck, prepare, and cook a game bird.
  1. She can iron a shirt, but doesn’t think that it is her job to do so.


  1. She likes dogs.
  1. She can sit through dinner with her in-laws without checking her phone or disappearing to the loo to take a selfie.
  1. She surprises you with dirty jokes.
  1. She reads (more than just Hello Magazine at the dentist’s).
  1. She doesn’t wait to be rescued by a prince, and writes her own happy ending.

If you think I have missed something, please leave your thoughts in the comments section under this article. Thanks and all the best!

7 thoughts on “How to Be a Country Lady

  1. A Lady also likes cats and horses, only drinks Champagne to prevent confusion when proffered a wine list, has an extremely heavy right foot when presented with a sports car, knows how to change the Range Rover’s drive when encountering adverse weather and knows how to give clear and concise instructions to the Housekeeper and staff.

  2. A lady walks out on a man who requires his pants and socks get ironed.
    A lady leaves it to her male butler to keep an eye on wine glass levels.

  3. A lady irons a man’s pants and socks.
    A lady refills a man’s wine glass when it nears empty.

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