To hear the sound of your voice
Inhale the scent of your skin
Feel the touch of your hands on my skin
We gaze into one another’s eyes
Speaking volumes without saying a word
Time stops
As we create our own universe

Love, like firecrackers
Sparkling flickers of light glide across my heart
Your fingerprints left in a tango of desire
In all of the dormant places of my heart
As each kiss breathes life into me
I exist only to please you
Lose yourself in the intoxication of desire

Arcane love thrumming remembrance
Through my veins as forgotten prayers fall from my lips
Each word a language only you and I understand
The power of my name wrapped in your voice
Acts of love that burned civilisations in wildfire
Beyond the limits of heavenly sinful pleasure
Whispers of absolution as moths float skyward


(A collaboration between Aria Taylor, Stephanie Manser, and Valentyna Holloway.)

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