Wandering Heart

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY A wandering heart slips through my moonfire fingertips under a jade sky and I am powerless to do anything aside from watching pieces of light fall from the grains of stardust in it’s wake. Continue reading Wandering Heart

Lacrimosa – Requiem For My Father

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY Wind blows through my memories, turning pages that slowly fade to black. Emotions they haven’t invented words for choke my throat and steal my breath. There are no words for those left behind, no final good-bye, no smile, no reassurances. Just silence. Silence and the wind waving through the verdant grass, the flowers gently moving in condolence, the trees lowering blossom laden … Continue reading Lacrimosa – Requiem For My Father

Unsuspecting Roses

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY Raindrops on the last roses of summer, the soft scent of petrichor blowing through the open window. Slowly, rhythmically adding ingredients, memory of a moment creeping in as my fingers knead the dough beginning to form under my fingers. Tears well in my eyes as I remember fragments of something I wrote of while baking before. Words of love written in pure … Continue reading Unsuspecting Roses

Stop FGM Now

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY She’s young, a child, vulnerable and innocent. She is held down. Fear overtakes her. She cries, perhaps screams, she doesn’t understand, it is beyond her comprehension. Her external genitalia are then cut. Mutilated. The ones she trusts the most, who gave her life, who should protect her life at all costs -they are the ones consenting to this. This is Female Genital … Continue reading Stop FGM Now

The Pulse of Pain

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY Silent words whispered from knowing eyes, the unspoken gift of a shared language communicated by empathic thoughts. (If I could, I would heal you, your pain is mine.) There are no expressions to encompass what lies behind those orbs of sapphire. Just music that drops through my mind. The soundtrack of a locked gaze overpowering the cacophony of the heartbeat fuelled machines. Continue reading The Pulse of Pain

Frames of Moonlight

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY Grazed by shadowed frames of moonlight the errant tide pouring over my skin as salt-water waves lap the shore slipping their pull across my mind in the contented afterglow of evening, I pause in quiet reflection inwardly gazing at the perfect solitude of absolute adoration — and I wonder if this arcane feeling pouring from my bones and coursing through my veins … Continue reading Frames of Moonlight

Winter Blossoms

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY   Frigid air pours through the window freezing the melodious notes that hang like crystals into shimmering silence. Prayerful roses slowly submit to the hoarfrost and turn to ice. The bare branches dance in the wind as the world sleeps beneath it’s swaying shadows. Winter settles. And yet, I don’t feel the chill in the air as Your hand slips into mine. … Continue reading Winter Blossoms