Laughing at Voters, With Jones & Clegg


Have you seen the new method that liberal progressives have come up with to get all us wayward peasants back on board the love train?

It’s inspired. They get together in front of a camera, openly laugh in our faces about what feckless, naive cretins we are, and then widely distribute the recording.

The idea, I presume, is that if it’s drilled into us constantly that we are hopelessly stupid and unable to make logically coherent decisions for ourselves, then we’ll be happy to hand consent over to the enlightened, better-than-us leftists, and not meddle oafishly in their global masterplans anymore. They can get on with sainthood and erasing human misery, and we can get back to our pints of mild.

Have a look at earnest saviour of the oppressed Owen Jones’ interview with radical totalitarian Nick Clegg in this new video. Take in the five minutes on Brexit from the forty second mark.

We get an anecdote about a simple-minded Yorkshireman (file under didn’t happen), Jones and Clegg laugh smugly at how stupid Leave voters are, and then Clegg, with the apparent agreement of Jones, comprehensively fails to understand the reasons Leave won, and blathers on about geography. And yes, inevitably, the much-abused NHS funding line is dragged out yet again. How many times do Remainers need to be told? Leave didn’t win because of the NHS funding claim. The Remain side bullshitted too.

And Clegg’s case for the EU? Safety. That’s it. The coddling security blanket that only Mother Brussels can gift.

Are you convinced? Are you going to join Momentum, now that you’ve been dismissed as a laughable dupe? Or how about Clegg’s Liberal Democrats? They’ve still got an insipid cluster of MPs and the cool thing about them is, when they don’t like how people vote, they try and void the result.

Here’s what’s really irritating though. Owen Jones and his ilk carp on incessantly about the terrifying danger of the ‘far-right’ (meaning anyone who disagrees), as if Guardian journalists are being rounded up and imprisoned on a daily basis. I wrote previously about his shameless opportunism in using last year’s Berlin terror attacks to demonize the right wing, while he showed no interest in the terrorism itself, or in the very real oppression that is a part of radical Islam.

It’s clear that Jones and the rest of the illiberal new left are fixed on a weird political course, but that they fail to understand how any general shift to the right has been partly caused by the repellent irrationality of their own position.

There’s a clear pattern though.

The new left has unpopular policies, such as being pro-EU, supporting open borders, deflecting attention from radical Islam, talking down their own country, hindering enterprise, putting useless oddball Jeremy Corbyn in charge of the Labour party, and being generally miserable killjoys who insist on total ideological conformity.

Voters understandably look for alternatives, which means either the Conservatives or Ukip. By choosing those alternatives they by definition move further to the right.

The new left, seeing this shift, change nothing about themselves, and instead start yelling about an incoming far-right/populist Armageddon. They spitefully berate anyone who has left their horrible, faux-liberal cult as a racist/bigot/Islamophobe/etc/yawn, or tell us that we are stupid and inferior, and must come back and follow their orders.

Not surprisingly, this results in more people abandoning the hysterical leftists, and jumping on over to have a look at the alternatives.

Which in turn causes the left to get even more worked up about the impending apocalypse, and call some more people stupid racists. This process is repeated until the left runs out of people to alienate.

And what will happen then, when they’ve insulted everyone? They appear incapable of self-analysis, and are so deeply invested in their warped ideology that they’re unable to recognise their own profound faults. Perhaps, in order to avoid acknowledging the flaws in their worldview, the process will end in Waco-style self-annihilation.

For now though, the only thing to do is sit back, pour a drink, and marvel as they block-headedly engineer their own route to total left-of-centre oblivion.

Sam White is a writer for Country Squire Magazine and has written for The Spectator & Metropolis. Other Sam White articles can be found by using the search box below (just type in Sam White) and also by looking here

2 thoughts on “Laughing at Voters, With Jones & Clegg

  1. Excellent piece, Mr. White. There’s a very important thing going on in British politics at the moment, which many people on the Right seem to have missed, but which is implicit in your article, which is that much of the Left seems determined to “own” the pro-EU issue.

    I used to get pretty irritated seeing Leftists knocking Brexit. Not any more.

    Seeing pro-EU Labour MPs on political TV programmes now fills me with great joy. The Left are digging in against Brexit – maintaining, stubbornly, against all the available evidence, that Brexit will be a disaster.

    Does it honestly never occur to them that there is at least a possibility that they will be proved wrong – dead wrong – and, in that situation, they will look unbelievably foolish? Their credibility will be torn to shreds.

    What is even more delicious is that the most fervently pro-EU Labour MPs appear to be from the “moderate” wing of the party. So the people who think that if Labour’s “moderate” wing gets back in charge, Labour will suddenly become a lot more popular, are going to be in for a hell of a shock.

    If UKIP can get their act together and start winning Labour seats in the North, there is a real possibility that the Labour Party would cease to exist. And that would be a good thing for all (genuinely) enlightened people, as the Socialist creed (whether “moderate” or extreme”) is now utterly discredited.

    Sure – Britain needs an Opposition Party. But it does not need to be the Labour Party; and indeed the Labour Party is actually the biggest obstacle that now exists to sensible reform in this country, most notably “Our NHS” which must now surely be the laughing stock, rather than the envy, of the world, as it staggers from crisis to crisis, all the time demanding ever-more stupendous quantities of cash.

    So: let’s have a decent, non-socialist, Opposition Party. Are you up for it, UKIP?

  2. These 2 jokers get too much airtime. If they didn’t infuriate, TV channels wouldn’t let them on.

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