The Way is Illuminated by Darkness


Sadly but understandably, there was a huge fuss in January over a service at St Mary’s Episcopal in Glasgow to mark the feast of the Epiphany, during which there was a reading of a passage from the Koran which said that Jesus is not the Son of God.

I totally support Gavin Ashenden for resigning.

Where there is sound crossover between faiths people decide to follow, we should rejoice in it. Because of their upbringings or out of free choice many have chosen other faiths. This is what it is.

Which is why this week I am publishing a Sufi Prayer for Peace. Just to be reminded that there are good people out there of many faiths. If you do not believe me, go and meet them.

Have a Blessed Sunday. And be bathed in light.

Sufi Prayer for Peace

Send Thy peace, O Lord, which is perfect and everlasting,
that our souls may radiate peace.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may think, act,
and speak harmoniously.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may be contented
and thankful for Thy bountiful gifts.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that amidst our worldly strife
we may enjoy thy bliss.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may endure all,
tolerate all in the thought of thy grace and mercy.
Send Thy peace, O Lord, that our lives may become a
divine vision, and in Thy light all darkness may vanish.

2 thoughts on “The Way is Illuminated by Darkness

  1. Do the Sufis also believe the Koran is the unquestionable word of Allah?

    Those that do then believe that Mohammed’s life was a beautiful pattern of conduct, but Mohammed executed defenceless prisoners and took their women and children as slaves. The Reverend Gavin Ashenden said that if you are offended by my saying this then you are offended by Islam, because this is what Islam tells us, in the Koran.

  2. Vicar – I think we can be pretty certain that Gavin Ashenden was told: “Resign or be sacked”.
    I can’t now recall his exact words when interviewed, but they were on the lines of:
    “I was called in for a chat about my views and it was decided that it would be best if I resigned.”
    Essentially, we now live in a country where it is not permissible for a chaplain to the Queen to defend Christianity.
    Had Gavin Ashenden been praising Islam, I have no doubt that he would still have his job.

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