Making Piers Morgan Seem Sound


For an indication of how astonishingly badly the left is doing right now, consider this terrifying fact: they’re making Piers Morgan look good.

In this clip from Bill Maher’s Real Time, Morgan is verbally barracked by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies. Morgan’s crimes? First, like 63 million Americans last November, he doesn’t agree that Hillary Clinton would make a better president than Donald Trump. And second, he correctly stated that Trump’s Executive Order on immigration can’t accurately be called a ‘Muslim ban’.

In other words, Morgan had the temerity to disagree about politics, and to point out a fact.

In the face of this counter-progressive heresy, Jefferies lost his rag and, with the exception of setting a building on fire, ticked every box on the disturbed angry-left checklist, all in under a minute.

First, he interrupts Morgan’s point on the travel ban by telling him to “f**k off.” Then, rather than explain why Morgan is wrong–which he can’t do because Morgan is right–he comes out with this cringeworthy hyperbole:

“Hitler didn’t kill the Jews on the first day, he worked up to it.”

Really Jim? You’re going to draw comparisons between a three month travel ban and the Holocaust? The actual Holocaust? Do you not see any problems with this? Or are you deliberately chanelling Rick from The Young Ones for a bet?

There follows an exchange in which Morgan points out the hysterical nonsense that Jefferies is spouting, to which the sensitive Australian pokes at Morgan with a personal jibe: “you won the apprentice and you have a famous friend”, before raising a truly devastating middle finger and leaning back in his chair.

And that’s it, that’s the extent of his soggy, meaningless ‘argument’ against Morgan, against the immigration order, against Trump, and against millions of voters across America.

As I said, almost everything that is wrong with the left is on display here.

There’s aggression. Spite. A lack of emotional control. A total lack of courtesy. Ad hominem attacks. The inability to listen to or respect differences of opinion. Playing to the ingroup. Conviction of moral superiority. Factual inaccuracy. Denial of the truth.  Incoherence. Failure to address the issues. Childishness.

And to top it all off perfectly there’s a ludicrous reference to–who else–Hitler!

It’s worth noting that Jefferies got big cheers from the crowd for his performance, and it’s worth noting also that this indicates a further problem on the left. No doubt some Never Trumps will hear that cheering as vindication that they’re in the right, and have the popular support to prove it. But Jefferies is soaking up adoration from a rigidly partisan crowd, who will happily cheer on anyone that echoes and reinforces their own beliefs. They’re all deep in the bubble, somehow still convinced of their own infallibility.

Meanwhile, outside the clique, ordinary people who value fact based, adult discussion are utterly repelled. Just as they were by the Berkeley riots, and the viciousness directed toward Trump’s young son on social media, and the violence around the new president’s inauguration, and the mindless hollering to ‘punch Nazis’, and all the other yelling and crying and threats and intellectual dishonesty, and on and on and on.

We’re less than a month into Trump’s presidency and the left is already beyond meltdown. They’ve turned gaseous and manifest as a noxious belch of self-righteous, demented fury.

And amid the obnoxious tantrums, one thing becomes clear: if the left doesn’t get a grip, then Trump is a nailed-on cert for a second term in office.

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  1. Solid piece. Jim Jefferies looks like a nasty piece of work. Never heard of him before.

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