Scrap the BBC Licence Fee?


Here Country Squire Magazine is asking whether the BBC Licence Fee should be maintained, abolished, halved or converted into an optional pay-per-view fee such as offered by Amazon or Sky.

The licence fee is £145.50 per annum – or just under 40p per day.

Fighting for its very future amidst changes at the top and severe cuts to its funding the BBC has become a Marmite service to many Britons. The licence fee too often seems unfair. BBC News has been accused of bias and having an uber-liberal agenda. Many wish to cherry pick the BBC’s best bits and let the rest go down the tube.

How do you feel about the BBC Licence Fee?

2 thoughts on “Scrap the BBC Licence Fee?

  1. It would be better if you could spell Licence. It is being used as a noun not a verb.

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