Monkey See Monkey Do


Since Trump’s election the strangest thing has happened. The Left have suddenly found a new set of morals. It’s really quite astonishing. Actions and events they were happy to witness and even cheer on during the last decade now simply must be stopped.

The Left have suddenly determined that a rich, white media mogul (George Soros) is a force for good when previously that type of speculating vulture investor was vilified, they’ve determined that campaigning to build walls is nasty and racist despite both Clintons and Obama all being on film campaigning for the same. More importantly, they have decided that once they have determined that someone is unquestionably a “Nazi” then it’s okay to violently attack them.

I’ve never liked Donald Trump however have been quite impressed with the way he beat the odds, invigorated his followers and gave people, who normally do not vote, hope and belief – to beat someone who was widely expected to walk into the White House without any trouble at all. Most of all, his dismissal of the media and efforts to communicate to his voters directly is always going to get my attention.

Whilst President Trump continues to forge ahead with his administration I’ve been genuinely surprised by the Left in general. The main argument seems to be that Trump is the worst ever person, EVER, that he says mean things and – even when he does something that is obviously popular across the political spectrum – “but it’s Donald Trump”.  The fact he has emulated the views of several previous presidents isn’t valid, the fact his administration appointment delays are no worse than Obama’s and those of other previous administrations counts for nothing – the appointment delays are dire as the man is literally worse than Hitler.

Some questions for the Left…

  • When Hillary was covering for her husband’s “indiscretions” did you brand her a traitor to women?
  • When she “miss-spoke” and claimed she’d left a plane under gunfire despite a whole host of evidence saying otherwise, did you brand her a liar?
  • In 2015, when America under Obama’s administration bombed a medical centre manned by MSF staff, did you brand him incompetent?
  • When the Democrat-led White House condemned Russia for bombing a hospital in 2016 did you call them hypocrites?
  • In 2016, Obama denied the Russians were hacking the U.S Elections, he changed his mind when the Democrats lost, did anyone point out his incompetence?
  • When Hillary and Obama both called for a wall to built between the U.S and Mexico, did you brand them Anti-American?
  • In 2011, when Obama placed a temporary ban on accepting refugees from Iraq, did You brand him racist?
  • When Obama was running against Hillary in 2008, did you brand him a misogynist for the things he said about her?
  • When Trump was branded unstable and had the potential to cause a lot of conflicts abroad, did you demand Obama hand back his Nobel Peace Prize despite bombing seven countries in eight years and America dropping a rumoured 126,000 bombs last year?

I suspect these are mere blots on perfect Presidencies in the eyes of Obama and Clinton supporters because to face up to them would force them to accept that they aren’t quite the liberal, open-minded, tolerant lot they claim to be.

If you were one of the Lefties happy for Obama’s administration to bomb its way through the Middle East, create millions of refugees with his recalcitrance and use his Executive Orders to force through new legislation, then you cannot complain when Trump also uses Executive Orders and claims he’s inherited a mess – Monkey see, Monkey do.

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