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The Left have scored a massive victory in their fight against Donald Trump by somehow managing to get their hands on his tax returns from 2005.  They may or may not have broken the law to bring us Donald Trump’s tax returns from twelve years ago.  I for one was on the edge of my seat to see what this startling discovery would bring.  The fact that he paid approximately $38 million dollars in taxes was a shock to me. I mean, how dare he?  How dare he pay more than the Democrats thought he had? There’s no getting away from it. This means the Ginger Skunk literally is Hitler now.

Further to the $38 million revelation, it was also revealed Trump paid approximately 25% tax, compared to Bernie Sanders’ 14%.  Yet, ever since Donald won the US election in November, Old Bernie has been telling us how Trump’s tax returns would finish him and lead to impeachment.

So, yet another left wing attempt to knock down Trump has been shot down in flames. The Left shooting themselves in the foot seems to be all the Left have left both in the US and this side of the pond.  Remember, Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to reveal his own taxes ended in utter humiliation when he left his salary off the totals.

I confess I do not have this obsession with what people earn as many on the Left seem to. I really don’t care what people earn – unless their incomes are paid for by my taxes. The Left seems to thrive in jealousy and coveting others’ success in an endless drive to increase taxes until the pips squeak.

This latest attempt to discredit Trump should really serve as a lesson to the Left here.

Rather than scoring own goals, take a hint from the Conservative Party in the UK. When they lost in 1997 they underwent a period of deep introspection and emerged stronger, realising that the nasty party image had to be drop-kicked into touch. So, the Left needs to understand that continual droning on about income disparity gets them nowhere. So what if people are successful? If you up taxes, tax payers with the money to take flight will do so. Get real. Smell the coffee, Corbynistas.

As for Trump and Merkel, I am still chuckling about the handshake that never was. Trump is still receiving grief for not shaking Merkel’s hand during their recent meeting.  Quite frankly I don’t blame him. Merkel has made it quite clear Trump was not the candidate she wanted to win. It was revealed Merkel even sent German Tax Payer cash to Hillary Clinton’s foundation before the election. God knows why Trump should show Merkel any courtesy at all. God knows where that cash ended up anyway – Germans should be asking that question rather than having a pop at Trump.

Trump has been accused of being unprofessional for snubbing Merkel but in all honesty, I would have struggled to be civil to her.  I have said before I’m happy for the days of two-faced politicians to be over. If this is the new politics – when politicians drop the façade and show how things really are – then I’m all for it.

In these days of hacking and Wikileaks, politicians’ emails will get leaked sooner or later anyway. Politicians might as well be truthful upfront to save embarrassment later about how they really feel about each other. So, Trump and Merkel can’t stand each other’s guts. Fine. What a great opportunity for the UK to steal the relationship.

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