Beautiful Buxton

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I am not fond of business meetings on Saturdays. I treasure the weekends – time to spend with the family. Nonetheless, a trip to Buxton did seem appealing. The elegant town that is Buxton has been welcoming visitors to enjoy its natural thermal springs and superb setting three hundred metres above sea level since Roman times. Known then as Aquae Arnemetiae, or … Continue reading Beautiful Buxton

A Guide To Post Millennial English

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN With the holiday season descending and the post-Brexit Pound having found a more realistic level, we may well soon be seeing an influx of foreign tourists to our shores. As ever, they will be most welcome. Seasoned visitors to the UK will be only too aware of our dismal performance when it comes to foreign languages, and will very likely have a … Continue reading A Guide To Post Millennial English

Really? You’re Allergic?

BY ANDY COLLIDGE What a world we live in, overstating almost everything, with entire social groups applying pressure upon themselves because they read something, heard something, or some media ass**** said something. Pressures that are not actually real, but, for an awful lot of people nowadays, an actuality that they seem to have to adhere to; their mindset overruled by the concept that it is … Continue reading Really? You’re Allergic?

10 Countryside Villagers You Might Know

BY NIKKI WILDE Sir Max Strapley – octogenarian head of the local Conservatives with a penchant for sherry and golf. Once got in trouble with the police for straying onto a village footpath from his garden carrying a Purdey Over and Under which he pointed at ramblers. Bob Quince – the local publican. Retired policeman from the Big Smoke full of tales of derring-do. Built … Continue reading 10 Countryside Villagers You Might Know

A Cumbrian Farmer Writes

BY JIM WEBSTER Over the years, I’ve avoided equine entanglements. I used to boast that I’d eaten horse more recently than I’d ridden one, but now, thanks to Tesco, pretty well everyone can say that. Still, I’ve avoided going into the whole “livery yard” diversification thing. Not through innate conservatism or immense wisdom but basically because I’d heard too many stories. One lass I knew … Continue reading A Cumbrian Farmer Writes

A Cumbrian Farmer Writes

BY JIM WEBSTER Sheep aren’t the most stupid of God’s creatures; they’re not even the most stupid mammal. Indeed, horses could well have been created to allow sheep to feel that smug glow of intellectual superiority that everyone needs from time to time. Not that this is high praise. There are single celled creatures floating in seas of freezing ammonia, illuminated by the dying suns … Continue reading A Cumbrian Farmer Writes

Why You Should Marry A Farmer’s Daughter

BY ANNA BOWEN No really, you should. Chances are she can use a gun, whether its for game, vermin or clays. Only issue is that she may shoot straighter than you… Big machines won’t phase her. Nor will going fast on a quad bike with limited safety considerations. After a lifetime with a horse between her legs she has thighs of steel and a remarkable … Continue reading Why You Should Marry A Farmer’s Daughter

For the Love of Sheep

BY HENRY LORD With Wales losing to the English at the Principality Stadium two weekends ago and the Kiwis desperately worried about both the rise of the English National Rugby team under Eddie Jones and the imminent British Lions tour to New Zealand (and the boss in hospital having yet another knee op), the brains trust here at Country Squire Magazine – empathetic as ever – decided … Continue reading For the Love of Sheep

36 Hunt Followers You’ll Meet

BY ANNA BOWEN Hunts are all different, but some people are the same. These characters, from my experience, are the types of Hunt followers you’re likely to meet in the field: 1. The Ex-Racehorse Addict Carly bought Squidge for £2 from Ascot sales last month. All is going well, apart from the awkward moment at opening meet when he mistook the rolling lawns of Deadbear … Continue reading 36 Hunt Followers You’ll Meet

A Love Letter to Jezza

BY TOM JENNINGS Dear Jeremy, I was given the task of writing a “Corbyn Piece” for Country Squire Magazine. I couldn’t think what the hell to write. So, last Sunday, I sought inspiration with a pint in a Shropshire pub garden overlooking a sun-soaked December countryside and had a ponder about you and Labour, whilst puffing on a Keir Hardie pipe. I looked at your situation from … Continue reading A Love Letter to Jezza

7 Types of Secret Santa to Fear

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Secret Santa is a concept – where you’re randomly assigned a person for whom you must buy an anonymous gift within a set budget – which, on the surface, seems tailor made for the work place.  After all, it’s completely impractical for everyone at work to buy everyone else a present, even if they wanted to, which probably they don’t. However, in … Continue reading 7 Types of Secret Santa to Fear

How To Be A Country Gentleman

BY ANNA BOWEN You may or may not have read Country Life‘s article; a guide to being a modern day gentleman. The list of attributes includes things like being able to ride a horse and sail a boat, alongside other examples of what that magazine deems chivalrous behaviour. My father took two lessons from school; the ability to polish shoes (thanks cadets) and a brief knowledge … Continue reading How To Be A Country Gentleman

10 People You Meet at Hunt Balls

BY ANNA BOWEN   Ball season is upon us so here’s a handy list… Down a shot for every one that you spot!   1 The Little Princess Allowed at the ball as a very special treat. Wears a sparkly dress and throws a tantrum because she’s not given a glass of wine on arrival. Spills profiteroles over said dress. Papa is very concerned about the years … Continue reading 10 People You Meet at Hunt Balls