For the Love of Sheep


With Wales losing to the English at the Principality Stadium two weekends ago and the Kiwis desperately worried about both the rise of the English National Rugby team under Eddie Jones and the imminent British Lions tour to New Zealand (and the boss in hospital having yet another knee op), the brains trust here at Country Squire Magazine – empathetic as ever – decided that it was time to cheer the Welsh and New Zealanders up a bit.

With Sir Gareth Edwards describing the loss to England as a “match that could have gone either way” and Welsh MP Nigel Evans falling back on the “at least we came second” defence, it is obvious the boys from the valleys are hurting a touch.

And what more wonderful way to cheer up the Welsh and the Kiwis is there than supplying them with a gallery of sheep? (Well, we can’t send them any real-life examples as that would be inappropriate).

So here’s the Country Squire Magazine Cutest Sheep gallery.

We trust that any baaad mood ewe might be in soon dissipates:

1234-dolly5Texel Sheep78910daly

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