The Common Sense of Kindness


A long time ago, I began an Open University degree and was allocated to do a Social Sciences foundation course. For everything, the writers claimed, there is “…a common-sense explanation and a social sciences explanation.” As the course progressed, I was flabbergasted to learn that Common Sense solutions were always to be rejected in favour of answers derived from Social Sciences.

This baffled me at the time, but now it is one explanation for society itself. While we have been worrying about who is next going to attack us with a machete, the concept of common sense has too often been wiped from the mind-tanks of those who run what should be our caring services.

Something else which has too often been side-lined is kindness. Considering that with high levels of common sense and kindness, a society can’t go wrong, this is a tragedy.

In a caring society – the sort which the middle-classes rave about discovering when they wander off the beaten track in Mediterranean countries, for example – love and duty between young and old is a way of life. This isn’t just endearing – it provides hands-on care without depleting the state. It’s common sense, and those seeing it warm to the kindness of it. But when they get home, those tourists resume their habitual disparagement of the elderly and package their parents off to nursing homes out of sight.

Age is experience, wisdom, roots, witness. There is no kindly motive for eradicating those things, and it makes no sense. Eradicating accrued knowledge from society is like trying to run a factory with apprentices only.

How do we improve Society?

We’re unlikely to restore common sense or kindness while the establishment employs the BBC as a mouthpiece. Last week, the BBC – so dedicated to the extermination of the British working class that one wonders whether some BBC apparatchiks dream of cruising around council estates with hand-guns taking pot-shots – broadcast a documentary about the poor of such blistering cruelty that it almost broke my heart. If the target were any other section of society – a belief or ethnicity – it could not have been screened. But the target was the poor, and the poor, unprotected by notions of Hate Speech, seem the accepted scapegoat for the rage which dare not speak its name. Panorama – The Benefits Cap: is it working? was little more than a crude hatchet job on people reduced from working class to sub-class.

The children the poor produce didn’t ask to be born, and must be fed, housed and clothed, which is apparently an affront to precisely the kind of people most likely to squeal in horror at the idea of Third World parents being given condoms and contraceptive implants.

In truth, there are not many jobs for unskilled people in the UK. Work which once created dignity and stability is often first advertised in EU countries where unemployment is at atrocious levels. This is both unkind to Brits and nonsensical. People who get a kick out of being served coffee or waited on by desperate foreign graduates have no right to complain when people who should be doing those jobs draw benefits.

Of those in the BBC hate-fest, a single mother of seven children was targeted for particular hatred. With benefits caps now applying, a poor person is effectively only allowed to keep two children. The rest are taken into ‘care’, which almost routinely enables abuse, and is more expensive than allowing a mother to bring up her own children. Removing them is senseless cruelty – merely a punishment for being poor, along the lines of the workhouse.

In the programme, this woman was told to choose which of her children she would keep or discard.

Ever watched ‘Sophie’s Choice’, the devastating film about the woman forced by an SS death-camp guard to choose between her children? Well, life has now imitated art in town halls across the UK.

95% of women arraigned for witch-craft during the 17th century were single mothers. The 17th century puritans who (like the current crop) were obsessed with sin in thought, word and deed, ended the centuries-old support of parish poor because the poor must have led imprudent lives and deserved to be fair game for a baying mob.

Centuries on, the single mother triggered a Twitter mob, largely comprised of childless men and ‘kept’ women, none appearing to realise that nurturing a new generation for peanuts is a more essential contribution to society than most of them are making. Many are personally diminished by giving their frenzied assent to cruelty.

We are living through a time when the lunatics seem too often to be running the asylum. Hopefully the phase will pass soon, but meanwhile we must make sure there are as few casualties as possible.

For that we must push hard for a restoration of common sense and kindness, because nothing else will do, unless we are all to fly over the cuckoo’s nest.

Mandy Baldwin is a freelance writer/Kindle author, born near Heathrow airport.  She has lived in Buckinghamshire, Cornwall and France, returning to England in 2013.  She has variously made a living – enough to support three children, solo – by working as a film-extra, selling fish and chips, running an art-group, tutoring home-schooled children, giving piano-lessons and selling her own paintings. 

30 thoughts on “The Common Sense of Kindness

  1. FAO: Writer Goes Roaming
    In short, I suspect you are an out of work anorak that has too much time on your hands. You want the state to have in reserve a pot of money to bail out irresponsible citizens such as the mum of seven in the Panorama documentary. She’s 35 years old and not worked for seventeen years yet she has chosen to produce seven children knowing her single parent predicament and financial circumstances. Why? Because she knows that she can fall back on tax payers money to fund her life. A middle class working family would have to think carefully before they produce seven children, so please spare us the sob story that she is doing a good job raising the next generation.
    How presumptuous and arrogant that you assume a person who has written that they are managing as a single mother of two and working three part time jobs is in receipt of benefits. I applaud this lady for her bravery to walk away from an abusive relationship and to work three jobs which I am sure surpasses the eligibility for any tax credits or benefits. She has taken control of her life, perhaps you should take some responsibility instead of slating anyone that does not support your ideas.
    By the way, hardworking EU citizens are very much needed in this country in various posts, they are not all of the poor, benefit scrounging, unskilled, and unwashed variety that you have in your head but it would appear that’s the only world you know!

  2. Replace the word BAME with the word WHITE and check out how unacceptable it is.
    And the thing is, even with all the pampering, and all the anti-white racism, it STILL doesn’t work, because 3/4 of BAME employees taken to work in TV have left the jobs they were given. Because in the real world, it is talent which counts – that and personality.
    Being a self-pitying, resentful, self-engrossed, bigot and racist, who can’t succeed unless the majority of applicants are kicked out on grounds of race, and who hates 88% of the population and wants them reduced to a sub-class, doesn’t make these applicants win hearts and minds. Who’d have thought it?

  3. Just did a quick check on a Gov benefits calculator. You are currently getting £34.40 per week in Child Benefit, and £470.01 per month in Tax Credits. So, every week, courtesy of the tax payer, you are given £239.06. And that’s before we even think about the housing benefit and the council tax benefit…and it comes on top of your part time earnings, at presumably at least minimum wage.
    Not exactly struggling, are you?
    Now ask yourself the question – with all those perks on offer just for hauling your bum off the sofa for 16 hours per week – why would anyone voluntarily live on £70.40 per week?
    Enjoy your money while you’ve got it. The govt are also hot on the tail of tax credits – the system has been abused, apparently. When you are ACTUALLY having to support your kids, instead of having your salary matched in benefits every month you’ll sing a different song.

  4. If EU citizens are all so hardworking, why don’t they stay home, work hard, and get their countries functioning, instead of reaping the benefits of what Brits built?

  5. What happens if you lose one of your jobs? What happens if you are ill? What happens if one of your boys has an accident, or illness, and needs extra care?
    You will be “Panorama Fodder.” Good luck with that, as you think you’re on a different planet to those people.
    And by the way – as a single mother with three part time jobs, you are getting tax credits for all three of you, plus child benefit, plus housing benefit. You’re…..drum-roll…. ON BENEFITS!
    So cut the crap, stop patting yourself on the back for nothing, and hope to whatever God you favour that your luck holds out – because that’s all it is; just luck.

  6. Absolutely right! Racial discrimination is NEVER ok! Except – in your opinion – when the discrimination is against white people.
    When posts actually specify BAME ONLY, how does that not deprive white people of the chance of applying? Would you be OK with posts saying BLACKS NEED NOT APPLY?
    If you favour ANY form of racial discrimination, then you are a racist – simple as that. And that makes you a pretty disgusting person.
    As for the “cycle of dependence” it has already been shown that – whether they know it or not – 2/3 of the population are a single pay-cheque from disaster. An illness, an accident, a partner leaving, an employer down-sizing, bereavement, a land-lord who decides to sell – these things can happen to anyone at any time, and if you’ve spent years trumpeting on self-righteously about the great unwashed who deserve to suffer, harrumph! – then not only will you be unprepared, but you deserve to learn how the other half live.

  7. Oh dear, you are mistaken if you think i feel ethnic minorities need self pitying or special treatment due to the colour of their skin. As i said, offers of work should be based on the candidates ability. I assure you i am not gloating nor am i taking the moral high ground at the circumstances of those that are genuinely in need of help.
    However, long term reliance on state handouts is not the answer, those deemed fit for work have every chance to find work and blaming hardworking EU citizens is a very poor xenophobic excuse. So yes, i am interested to see that post Brexit all those unemployed Brits who you claim have been cheated out of work due to migrants are in employment.

  8. Writer Goes Roaming – Racial discrimination is never ok. We live in a rich multi-cultural diverse Britain but research shows Black, Asian and Minority Ethnics are still underemployed.
    BAME hiring policies that some companies adopt have hardly deprived White Brits from gaining employment.
    You are scraping the barrel adding BAME hiring policies to your list of excuses for those fit for work and drawing state benefits.
    I am glad this government is curbing benefits, this cycle of state dependence needs to end

  9. Writer Goes Roaming, you are worse than those ranting liberal snowflakes! Accusing anyone that has an opinion different to yours as gloating or taking the moral high ground. Just face it, there are some lazy benefit scroungers who will never get a job even if we rid our country of foreigners.
    As for the slice of the “benefits cake” getting smaller, it’s because we don’t have a bottomless pit of money to care for irresponsible citizens that expect the state to pay for their mistakes.
    Don’t even go into domestic violence, as i am a victim too and for the past seven years i’ve worked three part time jobs to support my two boys as a single mother.
    Stop the whining and lectures, move on!

  10. Destroying lives and breaking up families in order to “teach” people is never the “right step.”
    The basis of my complaint? Funny you should mention that! Do tell – what happens to the size of the slice, when a cake must be divided between 20, rather than 12?
    It’s sickening that people who gloat as the lives of their own countrymen and women are wrecked in the interests of any random incomer, claim the moral high-ground. There is nothing noble about giving your children’s food to anyone who turns up on the door-step asking for it.
    No – not all Brits are white, but they are all equal and should be treated as such. Diversity programmes – something only found in predominantly white nations in which human rights are high and racism is low – are run on the basis of “promote the BAME applicant as long as they don’t actually turn up dribbling and crap in the waste-paper basket, and exclude the white if you possibly can.”
    I campaigned against racism in the days when we knew that a civilised society is a colour-blind one. Positive Discrimination is actually illegal in the UK – so they renamed it Positive Action – the action being to teach minority groups to alternately feel superior and self-pitying, and white people that they have every reason to be angry to to divide the country.
    Along the way, of course, they also sort the wheat from the chaff, because any BAME applicant who takes part in a diversity programme, applies for funding, training, work, or anything else on the basis of ethnicity, shows themselves to be an ugly, putrid racist, on the same moral level as a member of the KKK. Also, by their need to exclude the majority of the population before trying to join the game, they show themselves to be useless, inadequate failures, incapable of competing on a level playing field.
    And white people who support Positive Action demonstrate that they think non-whites are inherently inferior. If not, why do some Brits need special pity-pampering?

  11. Thank you for your reply; coincidentally, there is a very interesting update to my comments re the police investigation into Sir Edward Heath, Leon Brittan etc on the Radio 4 news c 8.30am today, ( Friday April the 14th, for anyone wanting to find the report on-line on the BBC iPlayer etc).
    Wiltshire Police called in a respected investigator into child-abuse cases, one Dr Richard Hoskins, to review evidence into the Wiltshire and Westminster investiga-tions. He commented that, just as the Westminster investigations centred around the allegations of “Nick” – (now-known to be a self-admitted compulsive liar who had sought help for it…..) the Wiltshire investigations centre around allegations made by somebody who had “recovered memories”. Dr Hoskins counted 21 allegations of murder and the usual Hammer Horror details of blood-drinking, murders in churchyards, murders on altars etc. He pointed out that a bit of common-sense should have been applied to the likelihood of murders being carried out in broad daylight in churchyards. He found Wiltshire Police to be unusually defensive about his report into their evidence, accusing him of “questioning the credibility of their witnesses”. I would have thought that was rather the point ? but Wiltshire Police seem to have swallowed wholesale the guff about “witnesses having the right to be believed”, never stopping to think that it isn’t their job to believe allegations, but to investigate them, and secondly, failing to realise that if you automatically “believe” the accuser then you must also automatically believe in the guilt of the accused before any investigation or trial has taken place.
    Wiltshire Police’s disgraceful show-boating by making a public spectacle in front of Sir Edward Heath’s home, was grossly irresponsible, and has forever tarnished, not just Sir Edward Heath, but the entire country in the eyes of the world by linking a former British Prime Minister with paedophilia.
    Mike Veale, the Wiltshire Chief Constable, has since had the incredible crust to accuse others of being responsible for what he himself initiated – see the following:
    “Mike Veale……said it was the job of the police to “objectively and proportionately” chase down leads. He said those who commented on the case while not in possession of the facts could damage the reputations of both the former prime minister and people who have disclosed alleged abuse.”
    Wiltshire Police have since commented that in his two-month review Dr Hoskins only saw part of the evidence….Really ?…..if just part of it contained ridiculous claims of 21 murders, then what on earth is there in the rest of it ? 50 murders ? 100 murders ? cannibalism ?
    If Wiltshire Police mean to keep on calling in outside experts, then I suggest that they get a psychiatrist to sit down with Mike Veale and his minions and explain what “displacement activity” is – where the subject pretends to themselves and others that a minor, easily-resolved issue is of tremendous significance and complexity and occupies all their time with it, in order to avoid dealing with important but unpleasant things that they don’t feel capable of tackling.

  12. In response to Writer Goes Roaming
    Thank’s for responding, i agree with some of the points but i do find you rather contrary. You see i think the current government is taking the right steps into reforming the benefits system…yet you feel they have “butchered it?”
    It’ll be interesting to see how long term benefit recipients deemed fit to work fare in the job market post Brexit with stricter immigration systems, as the basis of your complaint boils down to foreigners taking away opportunities for Brits.
    Totally agree that employment should be based on ability irrespective of skin colour, on the same note may i remind you that not all Brits are white.
    Have a good day.

  13. Nai Yee – reserve all benefits, (including ‘in-work’ benefits) all NHS care, all schools, and all other services provided by the state and funded by tax-payers, for full British citizens, and those who have been resident and proven to be tax-payers here, for over five years. Not ’employed-at-minimum-wage-drawing-in-work-benefits-thus-bleeding-the-state-dry-while-enabling-greedy-employers-to-reduce-workers-to-peasants-and-putting-unksilled-Brits-on-benefits’ … I mean REALLY paying taxes, paying private health-care, and totally financially self-sufficient.
    After all, even with a high-street life-insurance policy, you can’t draw the benefits until having paid in for some time.
    End mass-immigration: less than 1 million Brits ex-pats live in the EU, but 5 million live and work outside it on the basis that they have a job offering a needed skill, a clean criminal record, financial self-sufficiency, and private health insurance. Nobody should ever live in someone else’s country without those things being in place.
    Invest in training Brits rather than importing workers. Foreign aid should be limited to investment in business and trade which benefits both the people nations involved and can’t fall into the hands of criminals and despots, apart from generous emergency aid to be given in times of disaster or famine.
    Employers should not be allowed to employ skilled workers from overseas unless they can prove that the skills required can’t be sourced in the UK, and should NEVER employ unskilled workers who are not British citizens. There is never any need to import unskilled workers.
    Close down all agencies which operate on racist schemes privileging BAME groups. Civilised societies do not discriminate on grounds of race, and the majority white population do not exist to be the object of hate and derision while minority groups are taught to feel sorry for themselves even while being given special privileges. I include in this companies such as Creative Access, which offers paid internships, jobs and training opportunities in arts and media to anyone – as long as they are NOT WHITE BRITISH. This is not 1950s Mississippi, and all those taking part in these schemes – from those who fund them, to those who accept jobs/training via them – are disgusting racists.
    Childless Brits must be found suitable work and kept in some form of basic training – not just sneered at by hateful people in Jobcentres whose own jobs depend on keeping them unemployed.
    Brits with pre-school children should be supported because bringing up children is an important job. During school hours, find them work when enables them to earn while bringing up families – care-homes local to me have just been ‘busted’ for firing local mothers who had worked in those jobs for years, doing shifts fitting around child-care, and replacing them with foreign staff, often young men, who they housed in cheap hostels – and were often unintelligible to the elderly residents.
    And it would help if the “grandparent” generation wasn’t being expected to work until they drop, too, so they could help with childcare, helping to produce kids who then help with care of their older relatives because they know and love them.
    Misuse of “disability benefit.” – A person with a specific, recognised illness, or who, despite terrible injuries, manages to take part in some competitive sport, but requires assistance for day to day living is disabled, and should be eligible for all the help in the world. These people will never be ‘well’. But £3 billion each year is spent on taking care of the unemployed obese. A fat person is not disabled – they are fat. They should go and collect a daily 2000 sensible calories and have their living costs paid for for one year, never letting them get their hands on the money, and they should also have to take some form of training, to equip them for when they are fully functioning again. With a daily walk and a limited diet, in a year they wouldn’t be fat any more. At the end of that period, they can get back into the job market.
    There you go.

  14. The LSE which is funded by the EU? The LSE at which tutors were caught telling students to vote Remain and openly support Remain on pain of not being permitted to complete their courses? That LSE?
    I’d as soon take the word of my budgie.
    Latest figures released and quickly smothered – although those of us acquainted with Planet Earth know them to be true – suggest mass EU immigration has been as catastrophic for working class Brits as the Great Depression, and has cost the country approximately £30 billion per year in tax-credits, child/housing benefits, NHS, new school-places required, etc. People on minimum wage pay a pittance in tax.
    90% of them are unskilled and would fail Visa requirements, and not just because of criminal records (Poles are the biggest single group in UK prisons now.)
    “Johnny Foreigner” is not here offering humanitarian aid, they are here because their own countries are up the creek without a paddle and it’s easier to come here and live off the UK system than it is to get their arses into gear and sort out the problems back home.
    No such opportunities offered to Brits. There are a million Poles in the UK but only 4000 Brits in Poland – and not ONE of them is on benefits…although when one of them needed help, he was told to sling his hook.
    Thanks for making your deeply racist contempt and hatred for British people so obvious. It’s that attitude – hateful to Brits, mindlessly grovelling to any old EU migrant – that helped cost you idiots the referendum.

  15. Dear Writers Go Roaming,
    I suggest you read up on recent research by the LSE which confirms that EU citizens put in more to the British economy than they take out. But it’s easy to blame “Johnny Foreigner” and not face the reality that some Brits unless incentivised will forever draw on state handouts.

  16. In response to “Writergoesroaming” could you clarify, are you suggesting this Tory government is lacking in kindness and shouldn’t go ahead with reforming the benefits system as the author suggests? She indicates that we have lunatics running the assylum?

  17. And Seb – by the way – there are agencies which pay to be notified of jobs in the UK before they are advertised here, and those jobs are filled by eastern Europeans before Brits even hear of them.

  18. Seb – I am sure you have no shame. You also have no empathy – and little ability at maths. Benefits are pitiful. Those people are not going on any trips to Rio any day soon. As for the mother of seven – those children are here, and need caring for – not by weirdos in “care” but by their mother. And taking care of seven children – you know, the next generation – is work. What would you suggest? Some kind of Final Solution of anyone who dips below a set income? Or a return to the days when mothers stayed in violent relationships or risk losing their children?
    For your information, 90% of those EU migrants who you seem to think only come to the UK out of the goodness of their hearts, would fail visa requirements: because they offer no special skills, and take low-paid work, at hours which enable to them to pick up “in-work” benefits. Far from being tax-contributors, they are a drain. A couple with two children can – by virtue of each working 16 hours per week – pick up around £200 per week in tax credits, plus housing benefits, and child benefits. Meanwhile, the families who could have done those jobs slip further and further into hopelessness, with all that entails.
    Free movement has decimated communities, families and services. But hey, as long as you get to play at being cosmopolitan by having your toilets cleaned by a Hungarian arts graduate, and don’t have to meet any of those awful common people who should really just be dumped on a hillside at birth, that’s OK, isn’t it, you old Remainiac stereotype, you?

  19. I believe coffee shops advertise their vacancies in local newspapers and job centres, every Brit has a chance to apply for such jobs. The people in the documentary have not worked between 15 to 17 years as up until now, taking on work would reduce the benefits they could claim.
    The documentary highlighted sensitively the difficulties claimants face when offered a job and having to juggle childcare eg the single dad who ended up taking the housing benefit cut as he could not find childcare to fit around the job he found.
    In the case of the single mother of seven, she is 35 years old and has not worked for 17 years. Please go figure what her contribution has been to society so far in her adult life other than produce seven children that she cannot cope with and take from hard working tax payers; some of which are from the EU who work and pay taxes into the UK system.
    I’ve no shame in congratulating the Tory government for tackling these long term benefit claimants, they need to be weaned of state reliance and take some responsibility for their actions.

  20. Fostering four children is not the same as living on benefits. Someone has to care for those children.
    I don’t know where they pull these huge figures from. Anyone on benefits is only allocated £70.40 per person, per week, to cover all living costs apart from rent. If anyone thinks that eating, dressing, keeping warm, keeping in touch with the outside world (can’t get jobs without!) and travelling (interviews, training schemes, Jobcentre,) on £10 per day is a breeze, then maybe they should find someone and offer to swap life-styles. Part of the £10 per day must also go toward rent and council-tax. Housing benefits rarely cover rents because they are capped at below the average for a house in the region and are subject to change (nobody caps rents) and council tax has risen too. Despite usually getting Council Tax Benefit, around £40 per month must be deducted from that £10 per day, as well.

  21. I strongly suspect you’re right. Anyone who has ever known a social worker will know they have their brains hosed clean of rational thought before being set loose on the public. Remember the “satanic abuse” cases, some years ago, where suddenly, apparently half the population of Scotland was cavorting about the woods dressed in antlers and offering babies for sacrifice? Once the insane social workers had grown bored of that, of course, they shrugged and said “oops. our mistake.” Just as they did while little a little girl starve to death locked in a room with nothing to eat except old newspaper while social workers drank tea with the abusive step-father, just a door’s width from saving the little girl – who they never asked to see.
    They are highly selective about who they “incentivise” – only a pair of doctors would not face prosecution for leaving three toddlers alone at night in an unlocked holiday apartment and they won’t tackle anyone from a minority. Many of the victims of the Muslim grooming gangs were ‘in care’. Running the services are mad women, and taking day-to-day care of the children are, very often, girls who were prodded into doing an NVQ in childcare because they weren’t capable of doing anything else.
    It needs overturning, shaking out, and starting again. With common sense and kindness next time.

  22. Watched the programme myself, yes, it does seem cruel that the government caps the housing benefit of the families participating in the documentary. The Grandmother caring for her four grandchildren takes 50K per year in benefits but says she cannot afford to pay her rent. I understand she wishes to spend the 50K on her grandchildren but compare that to another British family working that only takes home say 50K per year, they would need to make adjustments and perhaps cancel some of the kids activities?! Whilst i agree, it would be difficult for her to seek employment, surely she could make some adjustments?

  23. Would I be right in assuming that it is only white working-class women whose children are taken into “care” on this basis ? The press print plenty of stories of immigrant families with 10+ children – (one man had a total of 23 (!) via his various “wives”…..) – being rewarded with enormous benefit pay-outs and large houses.
    And, given the high numbers of children taken into care who end up being sexually abused while the social services who are supposed to be protecting them, do nothing – would I be right in my growing suspicions that there is something more sinister going on here – that children are being taken into care precisely so that they can be abused ?
    Anyone who has followed Christopher Booker’s articles in the Sunday Telegraph over the years, will be aware that the Social Services and the children’s courts in this country frequently operate in an inhumane and illegal way, and are regarded with horror by the social services of other countries. The courts, local councils, social services, so-called “expert witnesses”, and police appear at times to be running a self-interested and secretive cabal dedicated to enforcing their own particular view of society. The children’s courts operate in secret, and routinely break the rules that are supposed to protect the children’s interests. From Mr Booker’s accounts, children are targeted for being taken into care on the flimsiest of excuses, a favourite being the vague, catch-all Orwellian term of ” risk of emotional harm”. Anything and everything can then be deemed a “risk” – such as the mother having been treated for depression years ago, or even (tellingly) having been brought up in care herself. In one case a fifteen-year old girl was taken into care, because her teacher and social services cooked up a story that that her father had physically assaulted her, based on a conversation the girl had with a school-friend that she “had a fight” with her father, meaning that she had had an argument with him. Paid witnesses say whatever the social services pay them to say, whilst statements from the children themselves are dismissed despite the legal requirement to take the children’s views into account. Parents are frequently not allowed to address or even attend the courts, and even when they have a right to have a statement put before the court and have prepared one, social workers and legal teams have been known to lie and tell the courts that the parents did not wish to make any statement, or change the dates and locations of hearings to make it impossible for the parents to attend. Once judgement is given, some police forces will then happily function as a para-military snatch-squad for the Social Services, sending teams of officers to break down doors in the early hours, and snatch screaming children from their mother’s arms, on at least one occasion even tasering a protesting mother.
    The viciousness of some social workers is appalling, parents risk being arrested for trying to keep in touch with their own children; one woman was arrested simply because she caught sight of her child in the street, and – having been banned from speaking to her – she waved to her ! Two children who were being brought up by their grand-parents because their mother was a drug-addict, were snatched away, because the social workers claimed that the grand-parents were “too old” to bring up children (they were in their late 40s!) and custody given to a pair of gay men.
    Social workers have targets to meet for adoptions, and it is much easier to meet it by supplying appealing little white girls, than to rescue those who genuinely need help such as poor little Victoria Climbie – starved, beaten, and tortured with lighted cigarettes – or a Baby Peter, or the thousands of little muslim girls being tortured and mutilated through the barbaric practice of FGM. It took a decent human-being in the shape of a taxi-driver to rescue Victoria Climbie from her sadistic mother and her partner – sadly too late, she died of her injuries – where all the social workers had failed her. They found it too scary to deal with a threatening Nigerian but were happy to leave a defenceless 6-year old child to take her chances, while they invented cases.
    (Similarly, mega-million investigations into Edward Heath, Leon Brittan etc are just a diversionary tactic to fill the press with “look-at-us-taking-sexual-abuse-seriously” stories to disguise 20 years of ignoring sex-trafficking. Any journalist or trainee police constable could have disproved “Nick’s” allegations that an MP had attempted to sever his tackle with a pen-knife, in 10 minutes flat – no scars, no hospital records, and his mother confirmed that at no time had he ever stayed away from home as a child. Of course, the police didn’t actually check some simple things on Day One, because that might have prevented the whole huge, profitable, career-building, time-wasting exercise from getting under way, and they might have had to do some actual work instead. Ditto the case where a 15-year old claimed that she’d been raped by her teacher Simply visiting the school would have shown that the class-room in which she claimed the attack took place was visible to everybody walking along the corridor, so no attack could possibly have happened without scores of witnesses, but why let common-sense spoil a perfectly good chance to conduct your very own witch-hunt ? )
    Did you know that manipulative social workers can make a case for putting a child into care, and then foster that child THEMSELVES for a generous monthly payment ? This is just State-sponsored child kidnapping, and the whole rotten system is way overdue to be torn down.

  24. Is that all you took from this article? Shame on you!
    Why on earth do you think that Brits “don’t want” these jobs? Have you asked them, or would you think that is beneath you?
    Who did you think did those jobs before ‘free movement’ enabled EU countries to off-load their unemployed onto the UK?
    Prior to the Noughties, in case you never knew or have forgotten, the coffee was poured, the rooms were cleaned, the fruit was picked, and the fish were packed. These things were all done by Brits, who also fund-raised to help support Romanian orphans, etc.
    EU migrants aren’t here on a humanitarian mission – they are here either out of desperation, or to make a fast buck because their own nations are stagnant. (Here’s a thought – maybe they wouldn’t be so stagnant if the young “hardworking” EU citizens stayed home and worked hard at making those countries function!)
    The reason that the UK functions as well as it does, is thanks to the hard work, guts, and initiative of BRITS. There is a myth that we were poor, useless blobs rolling in our own filth until shown how to live by outsiders, and that myth needs splatting. (One of the most outrageous parts of the myth is that the NHS couldn’t function without EU migrants – who are actually heavy users of it. In fact, only 4% of NHS employees are fro the EU – and that includes the many translators who British people pay… for the benefit of EU migrants!)
    As did many others in the English seaside town I lived in, I raised a family doing “unskilled work” for long hours at low money – work which is no longer available thanks to EU citizens – no more “hardworking” than Brits, but delighted to get a minimum wage 5 x that they would get at home. Free movement has financed building houses in Romania and funding children in Poland – but it has destroyed entire British communities.
    In that seaside town, my children’s generation have no work, no homes, no prospects – certainly not the hope (which EU citizens have) of busting a gut for a couple of seasons in over-crowded accommodation funded on housing benefit, going on JSA for the winter, then trotting home with enough in hand to buy a house.
    By “incentivise” what do you mean? Starve people? Take their children away? How repulsive, that you sit there, inhaling the smell of your own sanctimony, and considering those to be brave actions! What is brave about that on the part of the government which has just doubled it’s own pensions? It would “incentivise” you to run damn fast if someone pointed a gun at you – but it wouldn’t make it a morally courageous action on the part of the gunman – and what if there was nowhere to “run” to?
    The only “courage” is on the part of those who must get up every day and watch their lives slip away, while being sneered at by tiny-minded, smug people like you.
    Once again – shame on you. Count your blessings while you have them, because unless you are living off inherited wealth (benefits, in other words), you are like 2/3 of the population: a pay-cheque from disaster.

  25. Please do not blame hardworking EU citizens for taking on unskilled jobs that Brits don’t want to do. It takes a brave Tory government to incentivise the longterm unemployed to get out of the benefits cycle and gain employment.

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