Prayer for a Lost Pet


Dear Readers, I wish You all a blessed and peaceful Sunday. I hope the sun breaks through wherever You are and that You get to spend some time outside at this beautiful time of year.

I have watched on with admiration at Country Squire Magazine’s Dog Theft Awareness Campaign. I have seen with my own eyes how traumatised victims of this crime become. I have also seen parishioners’ lives wrecked by lost pets.

There is a prayer for such a situation and I have left it for You below should such awfulness befall You or your family.

I wish You an excellent week ahead. God Bless.


Prayer for a Lost Pet

St. Francis and St. Anthony,

please come promptly to the aid of this

precious pet,

and those who love him/her so,

and enable him/her to find his/her

way back home,

having suffered no ill effects

from her separation

from her family.

Thank you, dear Lord,

for your mercy on this family

and their dearly

loved pet,

and for restoring him/her to them.

It is in your name we pray,