Reflecting on Catweasel


So, here we are, a week after Labour received a battering in our Local Elections and four weeks before our General Election where Labour are widely expected to experience similar losses if not worse.  Now, faced with their political party’s annihilation, you would think their leaders and supporters would realise the impending drubbing Labour are about to receive and work out how to reconnect with the voters? At least try to limit the damage inflicted?  Well, any normal person would, but the Labour Party, oh no.

The classic tactic of “The voters are too stupid to understand our message” has been deployed along with an added attack line of belittling and patronising them as well.  Emily Thornberry even suggested voters were choosing Theresa May’s lovely hairdo over Jeremy Corbyn’s policies.

The Labour Party are desperate as are the diehard left wingers currently infesting it. They know full well they face destruction on June the 8th and after that they face something even worse – irrelevance.  This scares them, for decades regardless of who is in Government, they have been able to control the narrative, use feelings as facts and exercise control over numerous areas of our lives, most notably the NHS and Education.

This control is rapidly dissipating, more and more people see the NHS as an out of control beast swallowing cash quicker than an alcoholic can drink their way through Oddbins.  The NHS desperately needs reform but any attempt to do so has been met with threats of strikes, insults and, in some cases, especially on social media – abuse and trolling.

The same with education, but fortunately people are beginning to see through the usual arguments and look deeper.  Is a hospital really in desperate need of cash when it’s Deputy Diversity Director can command a salary of around £57,000 a year plus expenses?  Is it really wrong to create more Grammar schools when Labour MPs send their own children to them?  The more people look into this the more the cracks in the Left’s constant vacuous statements appear and the more offensive and aggressive they become. Their asking for more taxes never ends. We’re bored.

The last two years has seen hardcore Corbyn supporters scream “well f**k off and join the Tories” at anyone who dared to question their leader and it looks like they’ve taken the advice. Naturally, the Corbynites have expressed utter dismay and disgust that people have actually started voting for the Tories – obviously people weren’t supposed to take them at their word and were supposed to continue voting for a party that hated them. The nerve! Why would somebody not take the abuse that was dished out at them and be grateful for it?!

We need to brace ourselves as June the 9th will give Labour an excuse to go beyond threats on Twitter, boycotts and trying to get people fired.  There is every chance they will become violent, as America has seen recently.  Corbynites like occupying the streets. They are already calling May a dictator. This could also work in Tory favour, many Labour moderates may see this and choose to stay away from the Labour Party altogether by either choosing not to vote in future or by selecting an alternative.  Just what shape that alternative will take is anybody’s guess but I think we can bank on a Tory Government for at least the next ten years if not more.

Thanks Catweasel.