I Confess I Voted Labour

BY SIMON FALKENER I confess. I am one of them. Not only am I a Remoaner as the common parlance would define me, I also voted Labour for the first time in my life last week at the General Election. It was pre-meditated. I knew that my wife was voting Conservative. I knew our local constituency is a bit of a swing seat. I knew … Continue reading I Confess I Voted Labour


The Real Balance of Power

BY PROFESSOR COLIN TALBOT Well, I didn’t see that coming. I will leave (for the moment) others to begin the unpacking of how the result happened. I want to just do a quick (and accurate) check on where this leaves the House of Commons and therefore power. Firstly the Conservatives have won 317* seats at the time of writing (with all 650 seats declared). (*not … Continue reading The Real Balance of Power

Tories Must Outcool Labour Celebs

BY ALEXIA JAMES To the sensible and sound, the General Election last week was a simple question of mathematics and a totting up of negative facts around the judgment of Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour leadership. The IFS statement about Labour’s manifesto not adding up and documentation showing Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell supporting the IRA in the past would have been enough to secure a … Continue reading Tories Must Outcool Labour Celebs

Corbynite Delusion Holds No Bounds

BY JOHN ISMAEL The lies have already begun. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lied yesterday on Sky News: “Labour got 3m more votes.” Labour actually got 757,949 LESS votes than the Conservatives. Meanwhile on social media Corbynites are claiming victory despite Labour getting just 262 seats compared to the 318 won by the Tories – putting Labour mathematically well away from forming any kind of government. … Continue reading Corbynite Delusion Holds No Bounds

SNP: Temporary, Brittle & Divided

CSM EDITORIAL  The big problem that UKIP have this general election is Brexit. The UK Independence Party seems as sensible a name after Article 50 as advertising Christmas bargains in January. No wonder that Paul Nuttall is struggling to hold his party together. No wonder they have been through torrid leadership elections since the EU Referendum. Little wonder that Nigel Farage is staying well clear … Continue reading SNP: Temporary, Brittle & Divided

Labour’s Car Crashes: A Pile-Up

BY JOHN ISMAEL Jeremy Corbyn’s performance on BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour yesterday morning was down there with the very worst radio interview performances, certainly by a potential PM. And just a week out from the general election, Corbyn’s inability to string a sentence together will have had Labour Party apparatchiks pulling their hair out. Here is a transcript of part of the interview: If your … Continue reading Labour’s Car Crashes: A Pile-Up

Supporting Corbyn is Immoral

BY GARETH JOSEPH I’m a member of the Conservative & Unionist Party. I’d like you to imagine a situation where my party leadership election were to be overwhelmed by hard-right activists. A new leader is elected who had spent almost 40 years supporting Loyalist terror groups in Northern Ireland, despite the close alliance my party has with non-violent Unionists. This man spent his political life … Continue reading Supporting Corbyn is Immoral