A Time for Hearts & Heads


So here we are. Just one day to go. Then we all head to the polls and vote for the party we least dislike. That moment of silence in the booth awaits us. Then it’s all down to us. Who shall we choose?

This General Election is such an important one. Britain stands in choppy waters as a result of the Brexit vote. The Armada is on the horizon.

Please make sure you vote.

If in the past you supported UKIP then make sure you get Brexit by lending your vote to the Tories. UKIP has time to rebuild during this parliament. Neither Labour or the Lib Dems can be trusted to deliver Brexit. Theresa May can.

If you intend to vote Lib Dem, ask yourself how a few MPs can change anything in parliament. They will cause political unrest if they have their way and get in the way of Brexit.

If you intend to vote Labour then you are treacherous to the loyal people of Gibraltar and the Falklands but – worst of all – you are saying that you hate Britain. Corbyn is not an avuncular saviour. Corbyn is a collection of vicious ideologies hidden in sheep’s clothing. He wishes to negotiate away our country and all the Trots in the land will swarm into roles funded by us taxpayers. Brexit negotiations will be a huge disaster. Our security will be put at risk. Many businesses will have left Britain by next week. The money will have run dry by this time next year and the unions will bring Britain to its knees, while Scotland leaves the UK and wins unnecessary independence. Inspectors will appear everywhere – even to inspect the size of your garden for tax purposes. Punitive taxes you and I could never dream up will be invented by Corbynistas to prop up an attack on hard working Brits. John McDonnell wants to see the collapse of capitalism, for God’s sake! Just as Venezuela has experienced mass emigration by its most educated and by its businesses, it will not be worth hanging around the UK anymore. In effect, you are voting for invasion, for terrorists and for our enemies. Voting for Corbyn would be the greatest act of national self-harm in our history. Corbyn will do more damage in five years to Britain than Neil Kinnock would have done in one hundred. There will be riots on the streets, you will see chaos.

The General Election all boils down to one question:

Even if you hate the Tories, ask yourself if you love Britain.

Then decide.

That moment of silence should be dominated by heart and head.

If you think May’s going to win anyway and so can’t be bothered to vote, look at how close the polls have been. We are that close to disaster.

Britain needs calm. No more revolutions – Brexit is enough turbulence for one decade. Britain needs May with a majority and not Corbyn alone or in some frightful coalition.

Please, Dear Readers, get out and vote on Thursday.

Your country needs You.