Corbynite Delusion Holds No Bounds


The lies have already begun. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lied yesterday on Sky News:

“Labour got 3m more votes.”

Labour actually got 757,949 LESS votes than the Conservatives. Meanwhile on social media Corbynites are claiming victory despite Labour getting just 262 seats compared to the 318 won by the Tories – putting Labour mathematically well away from forming any kind of government.

While it’s make-believe to think that Theresa May can survive a summer recess – that’s a Tory problem and Tories are experts at regicide and certainly don’t need help from any Corbynites – the delusion exhibited by Corbynites in the last 24 hours has been sectionable.

Corbyn supporters need a reality check. Despite a massive young/student turnout he is still nowhere near power. Just look at some of their nonsense over the last day or so:


twit 1


twit 2



The reality is that Corbyn ran an election based on a manifesto that his advisers knew he would never have to put into place. Yes, it was costed but the IFS made absolutely clear that in no way did it add up. Even based on existing numbers of businesses its maths was wonky – it did not take into account those thousands of UK businesspeople who at 2am yesterday morning, when it looked like Labour might win, were busy preparing to leave the country for five years.

The reality is that the Tories won the most seats and the largest vote share. Now, that is maths that does add up.

The reality is that Labour is still – thankfully – a long way from government. When the former head of MI6 writes on the day before the election that Corbyn would not pass security checks as an MI6 officer, the sane start to worry about the man, his policies and his team.

Fortunately, amidst the insanity, sanity reigns:


We live in strange times indeed.