Political Betting at William Hill is Always a Challenge

Political betting has always been popular for the players who want something different in the betting world. Since William Hill announced their odds on General Elections in 1964, the popularity of political betting has increased enormously. Today, William Hill continues to announce betting tips for almost all events in the political world of Great Britain.

The General Election in the United Kingdom will take place on 8th June 2017 when the members of Parliament in House of  Lords will be elected. This event attracts the attention of the players who are interested in predicting the outcome of the election and they find that William Hill is the perfect place for political betting

Let’s look at William Hill’s odds for the following election. Firstly, there are betting odds about who will constitute the majority in the British parliament. The best odds for establishing majority in British parliament has the conservative option with 1/7 odds. On the second place is the tip that overall majority will not be achieved with 7/1 odds. Labour majority has the chance of 10/1, the Liberal majority is placed 4th with 250/1 odds while the last place holds UKIP majority with the chance of 500/1.

Another popular betting option on William Hill deals with the question who will win the most seats in General Election.  The best chances to take first place belongs to Conservative option with 1/7 odds while the second place takes the tip that Labour majority will have the most seats. According to the William Hill, the third place is reserved for Liberal Democrat who has the odds of 500/1 to win the most seats in the General Election. The last two positions hold Greens and UKIP with only 1000/1 odds to be the best in this field.

However, the most popular question considers the next prime minister in Great Britain. You can also bet on this option and follow Willaim Hill’s predictions. The best chance to become Prime Minister on 10th June 2017 has Theresa May with 1/7 odds to be the first. She is followed by Jeremy Corbyn who has chances of 9/2, Tim Farron with 100/1, Nigel Farage with 200/1 and finally by Caroline  Lucas and Jonathan Bartley who have the same odds of 500/1.

William Hill offers many tips for the next elections and you can just check its site to find more about it. The most popular tips for the following election are specials created for each party participating in the general election. You can bet on the number of seats for each party or on the odds for Labour to form a majority in the British Parliament in the future.

Besides aforementioned options, you should consider other political betting tips on William Hill. Choose to bet on Scottish Independence or on the possible referendum in the future. Also, try to predict European Union Politics and countries which will leave the EU in the following years. Everything this and just the right for you only on William Hill.