Labour’s Car Crashes: A Pile-Up


Jeremy Corbyn’s performance on BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour yesterday morning was down there with the very worst radio interview performances, certainly by a potential PM. And just a week out from the general election, Corbyn’s inability to string a sentence together will have had Labour Party apparatchiks pulling their hair out.

Here is a transcript of part of the interview:

transcript corbyn

If your cringe resistance is up to it, you can watch the interview here.

This car crash of an interview is nothing new for Labour during this election campaign. Diane Abacus Abbott’s LBC police numbers interview was simply dreadful, as was her more recent LBC interview on the IRA, while Shadow Foreign Secretary Lady Nugee’s interview on Channel 4 News was a veritable cock-up – she couldn’t put figures to the cost of renationalising water companies. Meanwhile, bolshie Angela Rayner was caught out on numbers when she was asked to explain how many school children her education pledge would affect. When pressed for an answer, she said she “didn’t have the numbers” and had to be told the figures by a journalist. Then Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon snapped at BBC Newsnight when they asked him questions about the manifesto – accusing the broadcaster of “putting [him] on trial”, claiming it is “tedious” to have to explain the numbers in Labour’s manifesto.

Labour’s long string of gaffes was considered so newsworthy even before Corbyn’s Woman’s Hour horror show yesterday that the Daily Telegraph decided to put a bloopers video together on them:

The question on everyone’s lips is who is doing the media advising for Labour politicians? Certainly, there are consultants who have been brought in from the private sector, who have Labour affiliations, whose reputations are suffering massively during this campaign. It hardly seems fair to mention their names, however, as look who they have to work with – Corbyn, Abbott, Thornberry, Burgon, Rayner – politicians who are not up to organising a kid’s party let alone a political party.

One wonders whether these media advisers will bother invoicing the Labour Party. Will they want to go down in the annals of history as being involved in these car crashes?

The damage limitation on Corbyn’s Woman’s Hour bloodbath was in full swing just minutes after the interview:

Do these car crashes matter?

The fact is that Jeremy Paxman had terminally nailed Corbyn on Monday when he asked him about the Falklands War and then he fatally hesitated when responding to a question on drone strikes – all his authority as a potential PM drained then and there.

Vote Conservative.

Let’s end the madness of this incorrigible Labour rabble. They seem more relaxed amongst terrorists. They are a danger to Britain and to the world.