May’s Strategy Pays Off


Theresa May has come under fire for refusing to do a televised leadership debate in the run up to the general election and journalists have been complaining that she’s not doing enough media interviews.

No one has actually acknowledged this quite brilliant strategy, in fact most of the Conservative Party seem to be following her lead.  Why should she attend a TV debate, when they don’t prove anything or change the game? If they did, we’d have seen Prime Minister Nick Clegg by now.  All the TV debates do is reduce everything to management jargon and highlight what a poor showing we have for politicians in this country. There’s no evidence that TV leadership debates change the electoral landscape whatsoever.

In addition to whining about a lack of interviews, certain ‘Meeja’ types have criticised May for getting out to actually meet the voters rather than spend time in tv studios being asked questions we already know the answer to.  She’s not stupid and nor are her advisers –  May knows full well there’s less chance of a “Diane Abbott” moment if she avoids the media. The local election Tory surge shows there’s a very good chance the Conservatives can make inroads into Labour heartlands this general election – all May has to do is avoid any bumps in the road.

Contrast May’s position with the likes of Diane Abbott who cannot pass a TV camera without taking up the opportunity to show everyone that she has the IQ of a baguette.  It amazes me that her desire for TV time, and no doubt appearance fee, overrides every ounce of common sense she has. I’ve never seen someone so desperate to humiliate themselves outside of Reality TV.  What’s even more baffling is those Abbott loyalists – the Labour social media gnats – who have to scream “racist” and “sexist” to defend her.  You’ll notice they can’t defend her actual policies – the latest involving hiring police officers on 2p an hour.  Much like Abbott’s “migraine” over the Brexit vote, she is so self-absorbed she won’t realise how bad she is coming across and she will soon be back on our screens with some other half-baked tin pot idea all the while collecting her money and feathering her own nest.

Sadly, this ‘just say anything to get us noticed’ attitude has spread to other members of the Labour party. Deputy leader Tom Watson has asked voters not to consider if Jeremy Corbyn is PM material but to just vote for the party. Watson’s attempt at being Boris Johnson this week – calling him a cheese-headed fopdoodle – just underlined how out of touch Watson and Labour are. He is not a thousandth as intelligent or eloquent as Boris Johnson and however may times he shows up at  Glastonbury he’ll not be a hundredth as popular. Corbynistas want him deselected and he’s seen as a slimeball by most of the electorate.

The Labour Party as we knew it is finished. Any hope they had of being a credible opposition or potential Government died the minute they elected Jeremy Corbyn. It is worrying that so many Labour MPs, who seem like good people, are willing to just sit there and watch the extinction of their party happen. Have they stopped caring about their party, their voters and their message? They seem to be just sitting there, offering the odd soundbite and collecting their wage. I’ve never seen such a shortage of backbones on these Labour lemmings.