A Corbynista Writes


I am Corbynite, as you Country Squire readers like to call people like me. I believe in repealing the Trade Union Bill, a £10 minimum wage and a higher rate of income tax for the wealthiest in society. In fact, there are very few things you’d agree with me on, except perhaps tackling Tony Blair’s PFI plans which are crippling our hospitals and, maybe, re-nationalising the railways.

I see from the run-ins we have on Twitter that there is little middle ground. Too often the likes of you and me end up in hurling abuse at each other and making each other miserable. This is odd, really, as I am sure if we met each other at church or in the supermarket we would be very cordial with each other and happily bid each other good day.

I would like to thank the Editor of this magazine for giving me a right to talk about one subject we are also likely to agree on. The Labour Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, who is currently fighting for his political existence and trying to own Glastonbury as a conduit through which to make Jeremy even more popular with the youth. Well, as I am sure you agree, the sooner this malignant oaf, Watson, is out of British politics for good, the better it is for all concerned.

Remember, it is Tom Watson’s devious plotting that has been behind many a scandal in the Tory Party. You may recall the death of Leon Brittan and Watson’s hand in directing the police in the child abuse scandal towards Tory past and present officials. Watson stirred up the Conservative bullying scandal. He has sought to use nefarious means to undermine Conservative policy wherever possible, rather than standing up, as an MP should, and trying to fight policy down with argument.

As a Corbynite, all I have seen from Watson has been sniping disloyalty from as soon as Jeremy stood for the leadership. He’s that family member who agrees with you in private at family events and then stabs you in the back when he’s back in his social circle. And whether his social circle – the Blairite/Brownite circle – is shrinking or not, it is impossible not to reach the conclusion that Tom Watson’s support base is one tenth of what it was when he was elected Deputy leader.

There are many in the Labour Party these days who are pushing for deselections of anti-Corbyn MPs. Names like Jess Philips, Tom Watson, Stephen Kinnock and John Mann are doing the rounds inside Momentum, across Labour ranks and especially across social media. But I don’t buy the deselection strategy. I believe that if a constituency votes at a General Election for a person to be their MP then that person has every right to remain that MP whatever their party activists have to say about it. I mean, there is general support no doubt amongst Tories and Corbynites to see the back of repulsive Keith Vaz but we must appreciate the fact that he won his seat again at the last election.

The Deputy leadership of the Labour Party IS a party matter. And I know from talking to members that Tom Watson is thoroughly detested. Disrespect for him following his failed Machiavellian strategies is ubiquitous. He used to reply on the support of his once flatmate Len McCluskey but now even that support has been removed and Len is furious with Watson for interfering in the recent Unite leadership elections. He wrote: “There is another world in our movement, alas. A world of skulduggery, smears and secret plots. That is where you will find Tom Watson. When Labour has needed loyalty he has been sharpening his knife looking for a back to stab. When unity is required, he manufactures division.” McCluskey said Watson “has form as long as his arm” when it comes to political plots. “[Watson] is a product of the manipulative and authoritarian culture of the old trade union right wing, for whom power was an end in itself, and all means acceptable to attain it.”

That sums up Watson pretty well.

Tom Watson has used up any goodwill there was for him in the Labour Party. If you as conservatives want to find a common ground between yourselves and us Corbynites, it is in getting Tom Watson removed from the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party and put in a tiny backbencher’s office in Portcullis House where he can cause no-one any harm, but himself.