Into Thy Hands


Dear Country Squire Magazine Readers, I trust that You are well and enjoying the sunshine and sport with which our sceptred isles are currently blessed. I love this time of year and cannot resist a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the lawn listening to Test Match Special after a Christening. Try and enjoy the countryside in this weather, as life is for enjoying as well as labouring through.

This week I present to You a beautiful, medieval evening prayer. Enjoy. May it bring peace and harmony to Your life and bring You closer to Your family in Christ. God Bless.

Lord, I commit into thy hands, and into the hands of thy saints, in this night my soul and my body, my brothers and my sisters, my friends, my relations, my family, my benefactors, and all Christian people: protect us, Lord, this night, by the merits and the prayers of the blessed maiden Mary, and of all saints, from vices and desires, from sins and from the fiend’s temptations, and from sudden death, and the pains of hell. Illuminate my heart with the Holy Ghost, and with thy holy grace: and make me to be more obedient to thy commandments, and let me never more be parted from thee: Amen.