Venezuela? Corbynites?


Venezuela is in a terrible mess. Its people are starving. Hospitals have no medicine. Schools have no pencils. Prisons have no guards. The country has gone to hell in a handcart.

On Sunday Venezuelans were asked to choose the more than 500 representatives who will make up a constituent assembly. The constituent assembly was convened by President Maduro to rewrite the existing constitution, which was drafted and passed in 1999 when his mentor, President Hugo Chávez, was in office.

Maduro won the vote of course. Even though Sunday’s election was marred by violence, with widespread protests and at least 10 people killed. Opponents of Maduro’s Chavistas claim that the election is none other than an attempt by Maduro to claim dictatorial powers now that his government faces daily mass protests, economic problems beyond belief and growing resentment from the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela has been a basket case for years now. Socialist policies have wrecked the country and the consequent brain drain abroad and withdrawal of specialists and investment have left the Venezuelan economy in the sewer.

Can Maduro’s election win be believed?

In 2012 Chávez won 8,191,132 votes. In 2013 Maduro won 7,505,338 votes. In 2015 the AN-PSUV won 5,622,844 votes. Now Maduro in July 2017 is claiming an outstanding turnout and that his ANC won with 8,089,320 votes. Believe that and, frankly, you’ll believe anything.

What is most shocking is the silence from home about some of Venezuela’s most outspoken socialist supporters. Let’s remember who those supporters are:

  • Owen Jones
  • Diane Abbott
  • John McDonnell
  • Richard Burgon
  • Jeremy Corbyn




Not a peep.

Deafening silence, in fact.

Momentum and the remains of Labour’s activist crew have been told to point out that Venezuela is not a socialist country at all. Social media over the last 48 hours has been full of denial:


The facts are the following:

  • Maduro is a liar and a despot.
  • Venezuela with its price controls and policies of forced redistribution is as socialist as socialism comes. 
  • Maduro’s election result is a fraud. (So, incidentally, was his previous one). 
  • Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Owen Jones live for Chavez and his form of socialism and cannot bring themselves to apologise for espousing Chavista policies in the past and even now in spite of the blood which, yet again, socialism is splashing over a victim populus.

What is it with the Left these days?

Apologies seem really hard to come by!


Please, all voters, save this great land called Britain from a fate akin to that which Venezuela today suffers. Stick a piece of rhubarb up Pied Piper Corbyn’s pipe as the Spanish did to Pablo Iglesias and Podemos in Spain and as the brave Venezuelan street protesters are now doing to the crumbling Maduro government in Caracas and across Venezuela.