A Prayer For Julian Cadman


At time of writing, Dear Readers, I do not know the outcome of the desperate search for Julian Cadman. The British-born seven-year-old was out in Barcelona with his mother when the terrorist’s van struck where they were walking, separating them. Jumarie ‘Jom’ Cadman, the mother of Julian, was found in hospital and is said to be in a serious but stable condition.

Please take some time this Sunday to dwell on how Julian could be our son, our grandson, nephew or neighbour. Ask how can it be possible that such a price can be paid for such a pathetic evil.

This Sunday I would ask you to pray for the Cadman family, for Barcelona and for the families of the victims of this latest atrocity. The prayer below may help.

I wish You and Yours a peaceful and relaxing Sunday and a good week ahead.


Compassionate God and Father of all, 

we are horrified at violence
in so many parts of the world.
It seems that none are safe, and some are terrified. 

Hold back the hands that kill and maim;
turn around the hearts that hate.
Grant instead your strong Spirit of Peace – 
peace that passes our understanding
but changes lives, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.