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Last Wednesday, after a steak and chips in Eastbourne with my accountant, I was due in 1066 country in East Sussex to interview Country Squire’s writer Mandy Baldwin. I wound my way through tiny country lanes until I found a dirt track to a campsite, which was located amidst an old copse on the side of a hill from which there are breathtaking views.

Mandy has been homeless since last year. She is one of Britain’s hidden rural homeless, who live under extraordinary pressures – out of sight and beyond Government statistics.

Country Squire Magazine has shone the spotlight on these forgotten people. Other countryside-related media – even BBC’s Countryfile – have contacted us for information and leads. The issue is getting to be seen by the British Government and by local authorities who are only just beginning to work out ways to get help to those who need it.

Mandy has chutzpah. She is brave. She is also entrepreneurial. She may well occasionally wind a few people up on Twitter – who wouldn’t seek some kind of release under such horrid pressure? Mandy has been attacked, her tent slashed and her belongings pilfered. Such people merit a break.

Mandy has started the English Seaside Project. We hope it is the wave that she can ride into a new home and we fully support it.

I was humbled and honoured to interview Mandy over a cup of green tea in her tent alongside her two cats and her beloved dog Hemingway. Here is the full interview below.

If you need further information about the English Seaside Project, please do get in touch.

Country Squire Magazine – as always – is here to help.



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