Mogg Jumps Farron Fence


There is unquestionably fear about Jacob Rees-Mogg coming from Britain’s political left.

After a Good Morning Britain interview yesterday during which Rees-Mogg clarified his Catholic beliefs – that abortion is wrong, as is gay marriage – the Left were up in arms, sensing that this interview was the end of Moggmentum.

Twitter was soon ablaze with the usual suspects, thinking that Rees-Mogg had done a Farron and committed political suicide.


Yet there was general agreement from many that Jacob Rees-Mogg was a breath of fresh air, in spite of some of his less popular views. That he’s an honest politician. His eloquence once again dug him out of a hole on liberal media and once again left the interviewers questionless and in shock that their prey had eluded them.

Whether one agrees with his views on such matters as abortion or gay marriage, you have to admire Rees-Mogg in his brave commitment to his ideals, his politics and his faith.

In the old days that was how Prime Ministers were judged.

Roman Catholics are the UK’s most dominant religious grouping. Maybe it is time that Britain had a Catholic Prime Minister?

One that talks sense and answers questions in ways that trump robotic soundbites time and again.

There’s an added bonus of course should Rees-Mogg become Prime Minister…

Lineker might emigrate to Spain.