As a mother, let me start with little Willemien.

Willemien (pictured below) was only two years old when, along with her mother, she was forced to watch her farmer father stabbed 151 times with a garden fork. Her little feet were dipped in her father’s blood, and she was then lifted up by her baby-soft red hair, and shot at point-blank range through her head. Then her mother was forced to her knees and shot through the back of her head.

willemian potgieter

At the trial of the family’s six killers, all local black men, a large crowd gathered outside the court in celebration of the slaughter, cheering the killers as heroes and saviours. Women (under the circumstances I use the word women very loosely) danced and sang in excited joy.

The young family are only three among thousands of their kind, butchered with sickening, animalistic savagery, in an orgy of killing which is ignored by a world which doesn’t recognise this particular kind of victim. The dead, you see, are white South Africans, and are considered fair game by those most likely to react with pearl-clutching horror at the use of a racial pejorative in response to a terrorist attack by brown North Africans.

In a civilised world colour should not be an issue. Alas, the realities of this world make such distinctions still relevant, even though liberals deny attacks on whites or see them, in their perverse way, as some kind of karma for imperialism.

The murders are almost daily occurrences, and the victims are Boers – the word simply means ‘farmer’. The dancing crowds of black Africans celebrating the deaths chant ‘Shoot the Boer’ – and it is an ongoing attempt to drive the Boers from the land they have farmed for 300 years.

Just a few examples:

  • A 64-year-old woman found, along with her three dead dogs, in a pool of blood, having been unspeakably tortured with a drill.
    A 20-year-old girl found raped, her throat slit.
  • A 70-year-old small-holder murdered.
  • Two 42-year-old men forced to their knees and ‘executed’ with a shot to the back of the head.
  • A 71-year-old small-holder murdered.
  • A 63-year-old woman tied up and bludgeoned to death with a sledge hammer.
  • A 70-year-old bee-keeper found trussed and dead, with knife slash marks to his head.
  • A 40-year-old farmer tied-up, drenched in petrol and set light to as a ‘torch’.

These crimes alone were committed over the course of only 20 days.

If anyone prefers to believe that Mandela’s legacy is peace and love, and disputes the full horror, I will happily provide the full dossier of deaths, in alphabetical order.

The complete list of atrocities just up to 2011 is so long,  (there are, as I have said, thousands of killings) that it would – I have tested it – take up five pages, so let’s cut to some local ‘colour’, shall we, to give an idea of the mentality involved here.

ANC has sanctioned a chant, which goes “one bullet, one white infant.” Ncobo Sodo and Mfundo Dlungwane, both ANC government officials, are still in their posts openly calling for a genocide of white babies. What follows is taken from their Facebook accounts:

“We kill the white babies, when the rite time comes we chop their heads off, so they become headless little racists.”

And they put this intent to kill babies into action: one baby girl was so badly beaten that she was left blinded and in a coma, while two black women tried to snatch another baby from her grandmother and mother, and the white women had to tussle to get her away from her would-be abductors.

Police reaction is muted: there is a little condemnation from the very top, with the Police Minister, for example, condemning the call for white genocide, and the hero-worship of killers, but killers have been known to stand, faces showing traces of victim’s blood and defence wounds, next to police-officers, without being arrested, and police have visited crime scenes without even opening case dockets.

This is a small Holocaust on entirely racial grounds, and they don’t want to address it: in today’s corrupt, violent, Aids-ridden and rape-infested South Africa in which, just this week, a British couple were taken hostage, trussed, beaten, the woman repeatedly raped, and a driver who tried to rescue them shot dead, nobody wants to admit that white people carry a target on their heads. After all, South Africa has a tourist-industry to develop.

It is, in fact, a cover-up of monstrous proportions. And they are aided in this secrecy by white ‘liberals’ who would apparently prefer the genocide to continue unabated to it’s inevitable conclusion.

Yesterday news broke of two white farmers who caught a black burglar in the act. In a dangerous land, in a remote place, in which the police are reluctant to arrive or act even if they do, in which a white farmer or family is killed on an almost daily basis, in which the declared aim is to behead white babies, the farmers put the thief in an old broken coffin – there was only half a lid to it, and his face wasn’t covered – and threatened (but didn’t act on it) to set light to the coffin and put a snake in it. The thief was, obviously, terrified. Terrified, but alive, and was, remember, a burglar on a farm which is a target for murderous savages.

In court – yes, this one came to court – the ‘victim’ wiped his eyes and wept as the farmers were sentenced to 19 years in prison for this crime of frightening a burglar, in a land where burglars are likely to follow up theft with brutal slayings.

The unconfined joy at this outrageously long sentence – which leaves the imprisoned men’s families undefended known targets – among the white Twitteratti was nauseating to see, each Tweet more shrill than the next, calling for the farmers to be jailed until they died, etc.

For scaring a burglar.

I posted a picture of little Willemien, with the details of her death, online and response was almost cursory; yes, yes, it was terrible, but look, look – look at that poor black man who had been given the fright of his life. His life which he still has, unlike Willemien and her parents.

They didn’t give a toss about that grisly triple murder, which they classed as lesser than a thief being scared. In truth, I don’t believe they care about him, either. They are simply tail-wagging virtue signallers eager to prove, by their lack of regard for the lives of fellow white people – even a white baby –  their non-racist credentials.

And then there was the swarm of black Africans who pounced, spewing hatred, confirming the desire for white genocide, demanding ‘Africa only for Africans’. Only one man – and he is the only one I will call a man, because the rest of them showed the thought-processes of barbarians – condemned the killings of farmers, saying that the murderers were filthy and unfit to walk free in the land.

The same white people who see justice in the murder of people who have lived in Africa long enough to develop their own language, loudly support the uninvited daily incursion of hundreds of black Africans who arrive on the shores of Europe with nothing to offer but dependency at best, bringing the violence of the continent they left, to the continent they find more attractive.

And yes, to those hyperventilating at the idea of defending whites in a land which once practised Apartheid, I know Apartheid was horrendous. Those who are killed today weren’t responsible for it, and the young killers have no memory of it. These perpetrators and their political supporters are simply blood-thirsty, racist savages. And the double hypocrisy is that the same people who take an Old Testament view of vengeance when those punished for the sins of the fathers are white, have stern ideas on the subject of backlash when the boot is on the other foot.

Imagine, for a moment, if the English in towns afflicted by rape-gangs rose up and slaughtered Muslims, or if murderous Jewish youths rampaged in Germany.

There were once 60,000 farms run by Boers. South Africa is many things, but not hungry, thanks in large part to their work. There are now only 30,000 such farms remaining, and 22,000 of them are up for sale. Anyone who believes that, after three centuries, South Africa is not equally the Boer’s homeland simply on grounds of race must have a poor opinion of the rights of far more recent non-white immigrants in Europe – unless, of course, they are total hypocrites. Given a place to go to, I doubt many Boers would stay, because the intention of the ANC is their genocide, the beheading of their children, their death by brutal means as elated crowds dance and sing.

Stop thinking that refugees are non-whites and ‘seeking a better life’. That isn’t a refugee – that is an economic migrant who tugs at the guilt-strings of a decreasing number of people. The Boers are the most valid refugees I can think of – with no financial incentive to find a safe country, simply the necessity to save their lives.

What price White Privilege now?