I, the Nothing Girl



May be you pass me off as…
“There she is the Nothing Girl”
At times you shriek out to say…
“Oh, stay away from that Nothing Girl”

May be I am the Nothing Girl,
Since I don’t groove to the Jazz you twirl,
May be your Stilettos don’t care about my Flip-flops
May be I am the nothing girl,
Since I’m unfazed by your social mountaintops.

May be you can’t see me?
Your rosy glasses are perhaps opaque to us,
We the people who belong to the masses,
And don’t ‘hang-out’ with you so-called high-classes!

May be you don’t count me,
Since I count the money you waste in haste,
May be you don’t count me,
Since my counted pennies go to that beggar eating a party-waste.

May be you live in a world…
Where your face must be detected,
But I belong to those…
Where my presence must be effective.

If this makes me a Nothing Girl,
It is awesome and cool with me,
Since I take pride in who I am…
Simply ME! And not your society’s ROBOT…

Yes, I am the NOTHING GIRL..
Who loves to smile even at strangers,
Yes I am the NOTHING GIRL..
Whose imagination often runs away,
Yes I am the NOTHING GIRL…
Who’s happy in her own World,
Yes, I am the NOTHING GIRL…
For whom Grave is not the Goal,
Unless I have stood by a wronged Soul.

May be I am more human
Than being a SOMETHING GIRL,
Or may be you are too stone,
No wonder you can’t see,
Thus I pity you…since you are in-a-way blind,
Amid the flashy crowd, YOURSELF you can’t find,
So may God be with you
Oh, my Something Girl !!

Copyright: Mahima Sharma
The Author is an Independent Journalist and Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters)