A Prayer to Lift Your Spirits

Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I wish You a peaceful and pleasant Sunday and a successful week ahead for You and your family.

In my parish this week it has non-stop rained. Normally I get out on my bicycle but I must admit to driving to appointments all week. I am getting soft in my old age. Although perhaps I should not blame old age as I passed many bold dog walkers and joggers in the course of my various sorties, some of whom are older than I am.

It’s easy in these days of January to get down. I admit that I am sometimes afflicted by a black dog of my own. I turn to prayer.

Giving hope is a powerful way to battle depression. Praying to a Supreme Being of your choice can bolster hope if you are depressed. It’s the hope that someone out there in the universe may be paying attention to you and your troubles, and that a positive solution is possible. Prayer is both inspirational and motivational. Prayer can heal emotional wounds by offering a safe way to vent the anger and anxiety that depression produces. While prayer is powerful, prayer shouldn’t be the only tool used to deal with depression. Prayer can ease emotional turmoil but it won’t heal the physical problems of depression.

Getting out and about will. So, I shall endeavour to go for a jog later!

Here is an inspiring prayer to lift any melancholy:

God help me for I am battling the inner demons of depression, loneliness, and hopelessness. Shine Your warm heavenly light down on me. I am in need of strength and courage. Help me to be gentle with myself whenever I regress. Give me courage and strength to move forward in my perfect way. Guide me to find peace, happiness, and contentment in myself and in life.


God Bless You All.