Hate Speach


It is now more important than ever, as we endeavour to navigate our way through the turbulent waters of the Post-truth age, that we all ensure we are properly informed. An ability to discern the facts from the much-trumpeted deluge of fake news we face each day has become essential; we must learn to recognise the truth.

In order to better understand the political world around me, I have spent some time immersed in Mr Zuckerberg’s educational, informative and all-pervading website. So much more than a mere forum for the exchange of ideas, Facebook has become an invaluable seat of learning. Now, having read and absorbed so much, I feel the time has come for me to add to the discourse the thoughts I have so carefully formed.

As an aside, I have discovered that rules governing syntax and grammar have become rather démodé, and that stylistic flourishes added in an effort to make the reader’s task more pleasurable are considered to be superfluous. In composing my post, I have therefore tried to mimic what I imagine will come to be called Facebook Standard English. I hope I have succeeded.

What’s on my mind? I’ll tell you what’s on my mind, Facebook…

Last night, Piers Morgan interview Donald Trump on the bias BBC. Well I thought this was suppose to be a democracy but literally nobody I know voted for Donald Trump so its obvious the whole thing is a Russian conspiracy. I want to know why this was aloud.

Literally everyone I know signed the 38 degree’s petition to stop him coming here but does Teresa May listen? Oh no. I mean, Do you even know anyone who voted for Donald Trump? Me neither #NotMyPresadent. This so-call democracy is a outrage anyway. Lets look at the evidence.

All my friends on Facebook have shared literally millions of Another Angry Voice posts about are NHS and Jonathan Pie videos. Jonathan Pie is the best journalist in the country but you don’t see him on the BBC do you? Why – because their bias, thats why. Thats why they have band James O’Brien from presenting Newsnight too. Every day James O’Brien makes the hate-filled, uneducated, old white men who are just biggots who voted to stop us being a part of Europe look stupid, or else he cuts them off. Every single day. But the bias BBC won’t let him present Newsnight. They always let Farage present news programmes though, don’t they. Do they think we can’t see right through there tricks. Thankfully, all the biggoted, old, white, racist, hate-filled bastards will be dead soon so we can be part of continental Europe again.

Before the last election myself and literally everyone I know learn all the words to ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ and made sure that we never missed a opportunity to post about Tory cuts on local Facebook group conversations about traffic jams and wheelie bins.  I got a ‘I’m with Jeremy Corbyn’ twibbon too and it obviously worked because the far right Teresa May lost the election. You never hear about that from the so-call main stream media though do you. Its a absolute disgrace what is going on in this country.

And now we have Donald Trump as president when I literally don’t know anyone who voted for him. In fact its a obvious conspiracy because not one of my Facebook friends ever even got a Poland card for the election. I think they knew everyone would of voted for Obama so ‘forgot’ to send them out.

I dont see why Piers Brosnan is allow to interview Donald Trump because of the hates peach and because literally nobody voted for him if you talk to people. In fact its discusting that he is even aloud on television at all after he hacked a dead girls phone when he was editor of the Daily Mail.

I’m starting a petition to get the Daily Mail band and Piers to.