Lenten Prayer for All


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You have had a good week and that the week to come will be a peaceful and successful one too.

This week I would like to bring up the Devil, who has raised his head in Florida this week at yet another school shooting. A pointless waste of life caused by the evil of a disturbed young man who now faces a pointless life.

The Spirit guides Jesus to the desert to prepare for his public ministry at this time in Lent. There in the desert the Devil awaits Jesus and tries to tempt him. Jesus having refused each temptation, the Devil then departed and Jesus returned to Galilee to begin his ministry.

The Devil’s temptations were hedonism (hunger / satisfaction), egoism (spectacular throw / might) and materialism (kingdoms / wealth). John the Evangelist in his epistle calls these temptations “in world” as “lust of eyes” (materialism), “lust of body” (hedonism) and “pride of life” (egoism).

Temptations aim to mislead and pervert three main human characteristics; to think, wish and feel which are inside mind, soul and heart as Jesus alludes in his Greatest Commandment. These are related with transcendentals or ultimate ideals in three areas of human interests; science (truth), arts (beauty) and religion (goodness).

In response to the Devil Christians are called to search for divine virtues; faith, hope and love that relate them directly to God who Himself is Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

I wish that You would bear in mind Faith, Hope and Love as You progress in this world. Then You will be just fine.

Devil be Gone.

Dear Reader,

As we begin Lent, let us bring all our needs and the needs of our world to the Lord in prayer:

• We pray for the Church and her leaders, may all who minister to others always work towards building up the body of Christ; may we never be tempted to build our own kingdoms.

• As Myanmar struggles to rebuild and find peace, let us pray that the Lord may bring healing and hope to all her people.

• We continue to remember all the people of the Middle East who are affected by political upheaval and violence; we pray that there may be rapid progress towards peace and justice for all.

• We pray for all the victims of the Florida school shooting and their families. May all those who died rest in peace and may their loved ones experience your love and comfort.

• We pray for all those adults who are preparing to enter our community this Easter and for all who will be baptised; may they be given the strength and grace to see beyond our human frailties and feel a really warm welcome and sense of belonging.

• We pray for those who are sick or housebound; may they never feel abandoned or alone; through our efforts may they be supported in their time of trial.

• We pray for all who have died recently; that the Lord may welcome them into his kingdom of happiness, light and peace.

Lord, in this Lenten time, we ask you to hear and answer our prayers and fill us with the power of your love.