The Splintered Façade


The windscreen on my car took a hit last week. A stone from a passing truck left a chip in the glass right in front of my face. By the time I got home, I had watched a crack develop across almost the whole screen, soon to render the car undriveable. The windscreen was replaced thereafter.

Such is Left Wing Populism. Once the original dent has been made, the crack inevitably develops and sooner rather than later – unless the left-wing populists are in Government (as in Venezuela) and implement dictatorship – they are history. Their damage then must be undone. Hopefully it is reparable.

Millionaire Mr Corbyn is fast developing into a crack. Antisemitism was the chip that did for him. However much the Labour Party thought that chip repairs might work, they now know that they’re heading inevitably southwards, the game is up. They’re permanently exposed and unelectable. You don’t get over antisemitism. Not in 2018. Glastonbury doesn’t do antisemitism. Nor do majority-voting Brits.

In the US, Bernie Sanders is struggling on account of his wife’s multi-million-pound property deal. Add “bank fraud” to the biography of a politician canonised on the left for his stands against “millionaires and billionaires” and one can see why Sanders is also a sinking ship.

Meanwhile in Spain, Pablo Iglesias, leader of far-left wing Podemos (upon which Jon Lansman’s Momentum was partly mirrored) is caught up in a 600,000 Euro house purchase which has led to a vote of confidence in his leadership amid accusations that the left-wing radical had now joined the ranks of the bourgeoisie by acquiring a mansion with a swimming pool. Opinion polls in 2014 gave Podemos a 28 per cent approval rating, the largest in the country. Podemos is now down at a mere 18 percent approval rating.

“Podemos’s ethics code is not a formality,” said José María González, the party’s mayor of Cádiz, who has criticised Mr Iglesias and his partner, Irene Montero, also a Podemos lawmaker. “It is a commitment to living like working people so that you can represent them.” And therein lies the rub, Mr González, as left wing populists are always hypocrites.


Millionaire Jeremy Corbyn dresses down for the people

The same for left wing populists in many lands. Billionaire Lula of Brazil is now in jail for corruption. Billionaire Rafael Correa of Ecuador is gone and facing corruption allegations which even crooked Billionaire Maduro of ailing Venezuela would do well to out-dollar. Billionaire Kirchner of Argentina is gone and under investigation….for corruption. It’s the same old story wherever you look and those left-wing populists still in power – like Billionaire Evo Morales in Bolivia – will eventually face the same music when their chips develop into full-blown cracks.

You see, the façade always cracks with left wing populism, eventually. With their reliance on Marxist muddle it just isn’t a natural state of affairs. It does not fit the human psyche, like capitalism, in spite of all its ills, which scoops up the masses into a better life. People are required for populism to work. And the people see through the left-wing populists for their hypocrisy and finite socialist heroin soon enough.

Sooner the better in the UK.

The UK has never been – and will never be – a socialist country.

If only the socialists would take their experiments out of these isles to empty Transnistria or some other forgotten, unowned land mass where they could do less harm. But they won’t – as there they will not fill their boots with lolly, nor are there sufficient people on whom to perpetrate their populist con.

In the past it was every third generation we needed to worry about. They’d go full on year zero and think that socialism worked. Hopefully, now that history can be blockchained virtually, future generations can look back on our time and chuckle at how whole populations could be so desperate or stupid as to be en masse conned.