Celebrating Abortion is Repellent


The sight of pro-abortion activists partying after winning the referendum in Ireland on Saturday somewhat jars. Apparently, according to The Guardian, pro-abortion Irish emigrant activists in Australia were “in tears” and jubilant at the result.

Amnesty International hailing the result as a “momentous win for women’s rights” that “marks the beginning of a new Ireland” is just about passable.

Whether it is the right of women to have an abortion or not, is celebrating anything related to abortion a beautiful thing?


An abortion is a horrendous thing. Something you’d not wish on your worst enemy, let alone a vulnerable woman or unborn child.

What is wrong with our society (celebrations happened in Ireland and across the UK and elsewhere on Saturday) when access to abortion gets celebrated? When grown adults cover their face in face paint and booze the night away, celebrating something so gruesome?

At times like these it’s easy to return to the old tropes about sinister lefties like the Fabian Society’s George Bernard Shaw who saw solutions to overpopulation that hopefully today’s lefties are ashamed of. It is high time they disowned their macabre founder:


Surely those who pester and attempt to humiliate pro-life politicians pretending to be fetuses (yes, a couple of repulsive left-wing bloggers have been caught doing just that to a pro-life Tory MP) do not understand the subject matter. They should get themselves acquainted with abortion in all its goriness and doubt then see if playing the fool is appropriate in relation to this seriously grim topic.

Meanwhile, why did Theresa May join in the celebrations? Who is advising this Prime Minister? After the 2017 election debacle it was believed that her dreadful advisers had been banished?

Why on earth did the British Prime Minister decide to join in the misplaced jubilation at the result of the Irish abortion referendum? She tweeted:

As the Catholic Herald noted:

“Why was this judged necessary? Does no one in Downing Street recognise that the prospective death of thousands of unborn children is not a matter for celebration, much less congratulation? Mrs May does not have a reputation of being a pro-abortion ideologue, though her voting record on the matter is mixed. Perhaps Downing Street cannot resist the temptation to jump on any passing bandwagon? But in this case, silence would have been preferable.”

Abortion is nothing to celebrate.

Get a grip, people. Abortion is a tragedy for all those involved.

We should be wholly ashamed of those celebrating.