#NationalBBQWeek – Top 10 Recipes for Al-Fresco Dining


As the weather warms up we naturally want to spend more time outdoors and gardens come alive with the sound of people socialising as we fire up the BBQ.  Gone are the days though when we chucked a few sausages on the BBQ and stood around a wasp invested lawn balancing that burnt sausage on a flimsy paper plate and holding a plastic cup of warm Blue Nun.

Nowadays garden patios resemble an extended dining area bedecked with trendy all-weather furniture and large parasols that provide not only shade in the sun but fairy lights that glow after dark.  Matching melamine dinner sets adorn garden tables with wine glasses designed to withstand any knocks.  Citronella candles placed strategically around the garden ensure an insect free dining experience.

With National BBQ Week upon us (28th May to 3rd June) and weather forecasts sizzling, delight your friends with al-fresco dining with our Top Ten BBQ Recipes.

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Spicy Grilled Prawns with Garlic & Lemon – An easy and impressive seafood dish. 1

Grilled Balsamic Herb Lamb Chops – Seasoned and grilled right these are flavourful and tender, delicious!2

Grilled Oysters with Garlic & Parsley Butter – If raw oysters are not your thing then try grilling them. 3

Grilled Asian Sirloin Steak SkewersMarinated in an exquisite Asian garlic, sesame sauce and grilled to a tender and juicy perfection. 4

Grilled Halloumi Pitta Sandwiches – With its high melting point Halloumi is the perfect cheese to grill, tangy and robust flavours make it stand out in a sandwich. 5

BBQ Tandoori Style Chicken – No need for a clay tandoor oven, recreate this signature Indian dish at home on your BBQ. 6

Grilled Ginger and Lime SwordfishA flavourful piece of fish with a tangy piquant glaze. Cilantro-Lime-Grilled-Swordfish

Mixed Vegetable Grill – The perfect accompaniment for all BBQs. 8

Grilled Honey and Rum Bananas – The weather is hot, just go bananas! 9

Grilled Summer Fruit Skewers – Great snack for kids when they’ve no appetite to eat and only want to have fun in the sun. 10