It’s enough to makes one’s heart swell.

The curse has been lifted, and now everyone in the nation can start believing in miracles. The lads of the England football team dug deep and broke their duck… the sight of our boys finally winning a penalty shootout made the nation’s hearts swell as one! Well – almost.


This Saturday shall see a nexus of sorts in the on-going Culture War. As the vast majority of the country settle down to once again hang themselves on the tenterhooks of international sport, there shall be one very small and highly vocal segment of society for whom the entire thing is nothing but an expression of postmodern ‘toxic masculinity’.

Yes, the word thieves shall be parading down the street in their rainbow-coloured Sex Gestapo uniforms – protected by the Queer Police in their rainbow cars who shall probably have painted their nails and donned high heels for the occasion. The Hyper liberal Pseudo Marxist Neofascist postmodernists of the Rainbow Reich are on the verge of stealing another emotion from the good people of Britain – that of pride itself. No national pride in our football team for them, no…

In scenes that become ever more triumphalist by the year and bear a striking similarity to the strategy of the evil Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; these societal bullies (I know – I used to live among them – not all are innocent or victims) shall be wilfully excluding themselves from the nation’s healthy obsession. And there’s the rub. Can we really allow people that exclude themselves from society to dictate how the rest of us feel? What should make us feel proud? Our lads…? Our national team – our national game; the sport that we invented and gave to the world, and has for decades now been the source of great consternation in offering up the most intense of emotional roller-coaster rides is, and rightly so, a source of great national pride this World Cup. It is a crying shame that there are already voices in the media attempting to devalue the efforts of the boys that proudly sport three Lions on their chests. No doubt it shall be viewed as ‘Far Right’ to show too much overt support… too much pride. We must all be ‘literally Hitler’ for doing so.

We must dare to believe and come what may this coming Saturday we must all dig deep together and refuse to capitulate – the Fascists of the Hard Left must not be allowed to steal our pride, win or lose. They must not be allowed to thieve from under our very noses yet another emotion and re-purpose it. We simply cannot roll over and offer no defence.

The list of words that have been through the Neo-Marxist mincer grows ever longer – and to those that understand the warped social dynamics of the Frankfurt School, the target becomes ever clearer. The jewel in the crown for this fresh breed of totalitarians is the very notion of family itself. Words are co-opted, their meanings twisted and perverted out of all shape, and notions and concepts are demonised at an ever-increasing rate. Ladies, gentleman, boys and girls have already had this noxious treatment and now included – along with the now ubiquitous racialist slur – ‘wife’ and ‘mother’ are in the firing line and before too long ‘father’ too shall become a dirty word.

Aldous Huxley must be spinning so fast in his grave along with George Orwell that if we could hook their skeletons up to the National Grid we could probably power the entire country from the energy being generated… it is indeed a Brave New World Order that we are watching being rolled out. And sadly, to say, it seems as if the populus are staggering blithely into the kind of fresh Hell that would be enough to make both of those noted authors’ toes curl even now.

Blinded by ever-present infantilising imagery of unicorns and rainbows and with enough (Gary) glitter in their eyes to make them blind to this most toxic politicking, the parents and grandparents of the nation seem ever more willing to offer up their confused children for self-mutilation, sterilisation and a life on drugs provided by Big Pharma. More shockingly still, it is being promoted and encouraged by a Conservative government that has not only lost its way but now seems dead set on playing the part of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn in its puerile efforts to appear ‘progressive’ at the behest of multinational corporations all too keen to slap a rainbow icon on every bit of disposable plastic they can muster – merely to cynically turn a fast pink buck and signal some specious virtue. It is frankly shocking that so few people have even the faintest idea of what lies at the beating black heart of postmodernist Queer Theory.

Yes, this Saturday shall be a great battle, one way or another – in the Culture War, as two competing definitions of Pride do battle. The vast majority of the nation shall be watching our national team attempt to do the unthinkable and a small minority shall march through the streets in an overt promotion of the unspeakable.

Don’t it make ya feel proud to be British?

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