A Prayer for Unity


We live in divisive times, Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine.

Take a look at the Trump “angry baby” blimp which protesters plan to fly during the Presidential visit to the UK this summer. Brexit has split the country. The World Cup may have united the sensible parts of England but the other nations in the Union seemingly cannot wait for them to slip up. And so on…

Time is a great healer. No doubt the blimp will be shot down. Brexit will happen, eventually, perhaps after a few governments yet, and it will be forgotten just as German reunification was eventually generally agreed. If England win the World Cup the detractors will soon get on with their day jobs (should they have any). And so on…

There is more to life than worldly divisions. Look at your friendships and families. Look to our Maker. Look at death. Look at the various crises which hit the world every day.

Go and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Relax. Keep refreshed. And enjoy a few days away from the football.

There is far more to life than staring at a computer or telephone screen.

God Bless You all.

Dear Father,
Just as it was when Jesus made his home on earth,
The world can be a hateful and cruel place.
We ask that you would guide our actions as believers.
Give us an eagerness to be humble and gentle.
Help us have hearts of patience and forbearance.
Thank You for the hope we have in You;
May Your hope unify our thoughts and decisions
And invoke peace through the Spirit.