Just Kill the Messenger


The auto response of Corbynites is to “kill the messenger”. It’s programmed into their psyche. For years the hard left has been attacking Tories and others who provide fact-based evidence that they do not like. It’s far easier to dismiss the bearer of bad news as a crank than to face unpleasant facts.

It should therefore be no surprise that the antisemitism crisis gripping Labour at the moment should result in a dog-eat-dog row. What is certain is that antisemitism grips the Labour Party, with 252 investigations ongoing in the party, and those investigations focusing across its more extreme Marxist tendencies – undeniable facts. What is surprising is how much at each other’s throats the Labour movement now are.

Just take a look at this long rant by the pro-Corbyn, elected secretary of Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party, Greg Hadfield, in which he attacks a series of Labour Party members for outing others, including him, as being antisemitic, blaming them for “participating in what the cogniscenti refer to as “dogpiling””. Instead of addressing claims by many of his alleged antisemitism in the past, Hadfield becomes the “victim” and thus fulfils the leftist prophecy. Hadfield clearly doesn’t give a damn that victimhood politics keeps genuine victims – those Jews on the end of Labour antisemitism – oppressed.

Hadfield is not alone in his “killing the messenger”. Look how the MPs Margaret Hodge and Ian Austin have been treated by Labour when they have spoken out against the antisemitic plague running through their party. Ugly.

It should be no surprise either that the Sunday Times reported last weekend that Labour is holding away days on how to smear rivals: 

Around 60 prospective parliamentary candidates attended an awayday in Nottinghamshire last weekend and were given a seminar on media training, which several sources claim involved a discussion on how to sabotage their rivals. One attendee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “We were told that it was all right to make up stories about our Tory opponents even if they were on the edge of legality.”

It should be no surprise that Labour affiliates’ work on propaganda techniques developed by the late Dr. Joseph Goebbels — create well-funded attack campaigns to destroy the reputations of their enemies, and to influence public opinion to their advantage – are becoming mainstream under the current Labour leadership.

Der Nationalsozialismus.

Clue’s in the name, ladies and gentlemen.