A Prayer for Atheists


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine I trust that You and Your loved ones are well. I pray for You and, as the nights draw in, wish You a prosperous end to the year. For those of You who farm, I wish that You have a good harvest despite unusual conditions this year.

This week I’d like to focus on Atheists. I always feel sorry for the Atheists. If God doesn’t exist (as the Atheist claims), then he has no hope of life after death. Nor does he have anyone to turn to when he needs guidance, or when life turns against him. He is like those of whom the Bible speaks, “without hope and without God in the world” (Ephesians 2:12). That is why I feel sorry for the Atheist. No doubt they feel sorry for me as they think I am clinically insane dedicating my life to Christ.

The aggressive Atheists that we see on television and YouTube these days are most eloquent. I most enjoy listening to Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. They are so convinced of atheism they have decided to spend their time proselytising about it, although I am yet to visit an atheist church (I’d be interested to see how uplifting an experience that might be and whether the art compares). At a recent (rather dull) lecture I attended at the O2 arena, Harris asked the audience who followed one of the main religions, and a mere sprinkling of believers put up their hands. He then proceeded to take the mick politely out of them. I felt closer to Jesus when I put up my hand. I actually rather enjoyed being in the minority and having other attendees smirking at me. Like getting ribbing in the station queue after a rugby international at Twickenham for wearing a dog collar.

At the end of the day the Atheist is our brother or sister. One of us. One of the human race. And so we should embrace them as fellow human beings. And we should recognise that many Atheists pray. If not anything else, praying is psychologically uplifting.

Here’s a prayer to underline our love and solidarity for them:

Let us pray for the safety of our human race. For our fellow brothers and sisters. Each day when we open the newspaper or switch on the television, we see how turbulence effects the whole world. We witness together the earthquakes, the floods, the landslides, the eruptions of volcanoes and other turbulence. However a human leads their life, it is a precious gift. God has given us this opportunity of being born as human beings, so let us make good use of it in solidarity and hope. We would like to see more peace and safety prevail on this lovely planet in future. Together we can engender faith and love. Together, Lord, let us prevail over evil despite our differences.