A Prayer for the Embarrassed


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I hope my weekly missive finds You well and healthy. That You are enjoying the mild weather and are not too exhausted, as many seem to be at this time of the year.

This week I would like to draw your attention to the innocent victims of others’ evil. Particularly, I’d like You to think of those wives of men in your area who have had their lives wrecked by their husband or partner’s errors in life. This may be a wife of a paedophile, the son or daughter of a convicted criminal or the relative of someone who has messed up on the public stage. Such burdens are not easily carried. They are heavy burdens indeed, as the cashier at the shop whispers behind your back, or the pensioner at church points in your direction and mutters to their friend. Gossip can be acidic.

What guilt does the wife of a paedophile bear? Is her burden a just one? How was she supposed to know? Is the son of a rapist genetically guilty? The daughter of a rapist a bad person?

Too often I hear gossip, which is unfounded and causes so much pain to others. The families involved live under black clouds which affect their health and happiness, by no fault of their own.

So, today, as You go about your business – and I wish You all a happy and prosperous week ahead – please think of these neighbours. How can You reach out to them? How can we all rally round these families and assist them as they suffer day in day out?

God Bless.

God of perfect love and mercy, look on us your children as we seek to build your kingdom in our communities. Give us the gifts we need to build one another up, to be good neighbours helping us all to meet our potential. Pour out your Holy Spirit on us that we might know your forgiveness and peace. Help us to show your mercy to one another as we seek the best you have to offer for each one of us. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.